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Where in the world are the books in Falvey West?

We had big “boots” to fill in Falvey West, and fill them we did. After we moved the journals in 2010, we had the shelving space thoroughly scrubbed and freshly painted. Still, some folks had trouble finding their way to Falvey West, so we mounted large signs on the Falvey first floor. As you enter the Library, head north (straight); then turn left (west) before you reach the Griffin room.

Falvey West (ground – 2nd floor) contains main stacks books with call numbers A – D. All other main stacks books are on the 3rd and 4th floors of the main library building.

Directional signs have been posted on each floor of Falvey West to help pioneering patrons get around. We’ve also added a computer to each floor for searching the catalog or trying our interactive map. Still have questions? Mosey on over to the front desk!

Graphic design by Joanne Quinn

The Learning Commons: A Space Dedicated to Research, Learning, Mathematics and Writing

By Luisa Cywinski

The Learning Commons in Falvey was officially dedicated on Feb. 17 when library and University planners, architects, designers, faculty, staff, students and visitors gathered to celebrate the new home of the Falvey Research Center, Learning Support Services (LSS), the Math Learning Resource Center (MLRC), and the  Writing Center.

Upon his arrival, University President, the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75 A&S, toured the Learning Commons, greeting each center’s director and asking about the new student lounge space, event rooms and special collections. Distinguished guests, including academic deans and administrators, were invited to the event. There were also lively reunions between current and former library staff, some of whom had retired or moved away.

Joe Lucia, University Librarian

University Librarian Joe Lucia opened the ceremony by expressing his pleasure at welcoming guests to celebrate the “realization of our dream.” The Rev. Dennis Gallagher, OSA, PhD, offered a blessing and prayer for our “academic community and all who will use this transformed space.” The Rev. Kail Ellis, OSA, PhD, complimented the aesthetics and remarked on the ease of access to offices in the commons.

Recounting the long process of inspiration that led to the learning commons project, Father Donohue remembered his first visits to the original locations of the Writing Center, the MLRC and the LSS, and described them as being in “places where no one else would want to go.” (more…)

Open: Scan Lab and Special Collections

With the exciting Falvey renovation project continuing, the 2nd floor of Falvey has morphed into the new Learning Commons. The existing facilities that remained on this floor – the Scan Lab / Slide Library and Special Collections Rare Book Room – are once again open for public access. Rare paper treasures are transformed into digital files used by scholars across the globe and researchers will once again pore over manuscripts!

Please feel free to stop and look at the grand new surroundings.

Open hours are posted for the semester!

Learning Commons in Falvey

Learning Commons lounge area

The second floor Learning Commons in Falvey Memorial Library is now home to the research-support librarians, Learning Support Services, the Math Learning Resource Center (MLRC) and the Writing Center.

The reference collection primarily resides on the second floor with only a small section remaining on the first. Main-stacks books previously shelved on the second floor can be found in the Falvey West stacks.

Renovation Review: The Big Picture

By Alice Bampton

Have you heard the mysterious noises emanating from the second floor? Are you wondering what the second floor will look like when the renovations are complete?

Joanne Quinn, design specialist, and Kristyna Carroll, research librarian, created and mounted a large double-sided display that can answer your questions about what is happening on the second floor.

The windows facing the first floor welcome Falvey’s new residents to the Learning Commons, which will include the Writing Center, Mathematics Learning Resource Center and Learning Support Services. There are panels with descriptions of the services offered by each area of the Learning Commons; these panels include QR codes. Use your smart phone to read the QR codes and to find out more about their services.

A floor plan shows how the second floor of Falvey Memorial Library will house the Learning Commons, presentation rooms, study areas, academic integration (librarian) offices and offices for the library director and his staff. Across the bottom of the window are photographs of the second floor under construction, linked by bright yellow caution tape.

Tentative plans for the second floor of Old Falvey include space for Library resource management, outreach and communication office space.

A cross-sectional drawing of the two buildings, Falvey Hall and Falvey Memorial Library, reveals how they could eventually be linked by an atrium. This phase of construction will be dependent on a capital campaign.

In the window facing Holy Grounds is a large Project Timeline that reflects which projects are finished, those in progress and the ones still to come. There is also a “Falvey has Big Planzz” sign and a free-standing cardboard easel showing two seated construction workers whose faces are cut out; they can be used for photo opportunities.

If you keep an eye on the timeline, it will keep you informed of the progress being made in this important renovation project. You can also get a project overview on our Renovation News webpage and by watching our news blog for updates.

Also contributing: Luisa Cywinski

Falvey Memorial Library Presents "Get It For You" – A Music Video

After months of planning and preparation, including a search for the finest talent Villanova has to offer, we are proud to present a music video that celebrates the library’s service and commitment to the future.

Please join us in congratulating the students, staff and faculty who fearlessly contributed their energy to the project. Our special thanks go to Jeffrey Eisenberg, Outreach intern, whose considerable knowledge about video production was invaluable.

The video also features a special guest, Big Planzz, our renovation project “mascot.”  Don’t forget to attend the Library Open House on Sept. 13 & 14 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and see the Big Planzz for yourself!

Renovation Review: New Web Page Unveiled

In order to give readers a comprehensive view of the Library renovations, we have created a dedicated Renovation News web page that will be periodically updated with new photos and videos of our progress. An exhibit will also be mounted in the first floor glass cases near the entrance showing a time line and giving information on planned phases of construction.

Renovation Review: Cranes & Elevators

If you’ve been following our renovation updates, then you know that the second floor of the Library has been completely gutted in the space of one week. Marble slabs were removed, walls were disassembled, and the elevator was blocked off to keep curiosity at bay (and our patrons safe). Now begins new construction – wiring, plumbing, lighting and ventilation – cranes will lift the building materials from the loading dock and through a second floor window. We ask that patrons stay clear of the second floor stairwell doors and be aware that delays might be experienced when using the elevator.

And don’t forget, the books that were once housed on the second floor can be found in Falvey West, which patrons can enter from the first floor near the print center. Feel free to ask for help at the front desk!

Photo by Alice Bampton

Renovation Review: Phase One Construction

On Monday, Aug. 22, surveyors and contractors began working on the second floor “Learning Commons in Falvey” project, which will eventually bring together academic research librarians and staff from the mathematics lab, learning support and writing center into one unified space.

The book collections that were once housed on that floor have been moved to Falvey West, a section of Old Falvey Hall that was refurbished over the summer. The entrance to Falvey West is on the first floor of Falvey Library and can be freely accessed by patrons who wish to browse and retrieve books in the A – DX call number ranges.

“The first day or two of work involved site assessment and the development of a project sequencing plan by the contractors themselves,” according to Joe Lucia, University librarian. Demolition and infrastructure work will take place over the next few weeks with louder work taking place between midnight and 6:00 a.m. “Scheduling work this way will minimize the impact of construction noise on the library study and work environment,” said Lucia. (Watch a video of the marble slab removal below.)

The Special Collections room will be sealed off from the rest of the second floor in order to protect the valuable collections from dust.  The elevator and stairwells will be blocked off at the second floor to prevent unauthorized entrance and to protect library patrons.

As always, library staff can be called upon for assistance and information. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and accessible work and study space throughout construction.

(Previous blog posts about the renovations can be found here.)

Photo by Alice Bampton – Video by Joe Lucia

Renovation Review: Falvey West – Open for Browsing & Borrowing

At long last, the Falvey West stacks, which contain circulating books in the A – DX call number ranges, are now open for patron browsing and borrowing. Our new collection space can be accessed from the former bound periodical entrance (Falvey Library, first floor) adjacent to the print center. Signs are posted inside the new stacks directing patrons to call number ranges. The center stairwell in Falvey West connects the three lower floors, ground through second.

The Falvey West upper floors (third & fourth) are restricted and contain special collections, microfilm, videotapes and other miscellaneous materials.

As always, staff at the front service desk are available for assistance. Please stop by or call us at 610-519-4270 with any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

Photo by Laura Hutelmyer

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