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Potential Employers Research

monkeybusinessEmployment may lag in a recession, but yours doesn’t have to.  Excellent opportunities for growth and development exist at small or local businesses and nonprofits that don’t routinely recruit at colleges.  They can be sought out by taking advantage of Library and Career Services resources.  The library has a guide to Finding Potential Employers and Career Services offers instruction on using ReferenceUSA, an excellent business directory for employers both large and small.

A thoughtful search of our catalog will turn up both humorous and serious books that will enrich your job search and career exploration.    For instance, if you’re interested in finance as a career Monkey Business is an hilarious must read.  Practioner guides especially those that are conveniently online, such as The Complete CFO Handbook, offer more serious fare for pre-interview preparation.

Make an appointment with a research librarian to learn more about how to use these and other resources for gathering background on potential employers.

Debate on Role of Business School

Business Week published an interesting editorial by  Gianpiero Petriglieri and Jennifer Petriglieri arguing  against a technocratic  curriculum and for a humanistic program of study balancing skills acquisition with philosophical inquiry and personal reflection.  Sound’s alot like VSB’s redesigned curriculum with an emphasis on exploring the global contextual purpose of business.

This  URL will take you to the BW editorial:

Find us at Falvey

When you need help with business research find us online or at Falvey.  We’re closed for the summer! or 484-685-6759 or 610-519-4270 or Ask a Librarian or Question Center.

WRDS Access Restored

All data sets in WRDS (including CRSP) are now accessible.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Morningstar Isn’t Just Mutual Funds

When I hear Morningstar, I think mutual funds.  Morningstar is best known for mutual fund ratings, but their online service offers much more than this.  My colleague, Merrill Stein, and I recently participated in one of their webinars.  We had both been using Morningstar primarily for mutual fund and public company screening and financial analysis.  In the course of the webinar, we both learned that Morningstar offers a cool tool for portfolio management called the Portfolio X-Ray which provides analysis of fees & expenses, sector allocation, stock type, ratios, and stock intersection for funds held. The Help & Education tab offers substantive courses with interactive quizzes on investing.  If you’d like to learn more about Morningstar’s Investment Research Center, sign up for their next live patron web training scheduled for April 29th at 4pm by emailing from the Help & Education tab.

Morningstar is available to Villanova community members from the library Databases by Title Page and business subject pages under the Company & Industry tabs.

Nielsen Blog

Neilson is THE source for audience metrics.  The fact that they don’t offer a subscription product suitable for libraries is lamentable.  But they do have a great Blog any marketing major ought to subscribe to…..

Global Insight Name Change to IHS Global Insight

In the fourth quarter of 2008 Global Insight was acquired by IHS.  It continues to provide comprehensive international industry and macroeconomic data.  Accessible from the Economics, Management and Finance subject pages.

Starbucks Books

The Starbucks books are now available for circulation from Bartley Hall 2008. Full time office hours (9-4p – M-Thursday) begin Sept. 2, 2008. Call 610-519-4374 to hold a book for pickup in the meantime.


Last Modified: August 27, 2008