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New Interface for MRI University Internet Reporter

Gfk MRI University Internet Reporter has been a mainstay for Villanova students seeking primary consumer survey information.  Their biannual surveys are used to identify demographic and media consumption patterns for consumers of a wide range of products, services and activities.  Interested in educational attainment, median home value and the web sites frequented by people that camp in national parks?  Need to know how the Yuengling drinker differs from the Budweiser drinker by region of the country or cable viewing preferences?  MRI University Internet Reporter has answers to these types of questions.

MRI University  Internet Reporter has rolled out a new interface.  It is an improvement over the legacy interface in that keyword searching is much enhanced.  It is no longer to necessary to expand and browse multiple category trees. Keyword searching displays all the possibilities.  Another beneficial feature of the new interface is the trend report showing the total users of the selected target over three years.

Access to MRI University Internet Reporter has changed with the new interface.  Previously, users simply needed to register with their Villanova email address.  Now users need to register with their Villanova email address and a registration key.  Every January the list of registered users will be cleared and re-registraiton will be necessary.  To register go to the databases A-Z List and see our topic guide to MRI




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Last Modified: October 22, 2015

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