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What did they spend on Ads?

Between the Presidential primaries and Super Bowl Sunday, who can help but think about advertising spending.  NPR reported that an estimated $4.4 billion dollars will be spent on presidential political TV ads alone.  Advertising Age predicts that $377 million dollars will be spend on TV advertising for this Sunday’s game.

If you want the details on advertising spending Ad$pender is the database for you!  It allows you to search for advertising spending by over 3 million brands and entities across 12 media including syndicated TV, spot TV, cable, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, and internet display ads.  You can do some serious trend analysis with this database because it goes back to 2007.

One of the biggest challenges of using Ad$pender is pinpointing the name of the advertising entity.  In a search for Superbowl 2015 advertising for Dove Men+Care, I found over 50 brands.  A search for Trump in 2015 returned over a dozen Trump related advertisers.  The challeng of identifying accurate advertisers and their entities, especially in the political arena is considerable.  Have fun digging!




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Last Modified: February 5, 2016

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