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TBT: Fall Classic From the Roaring Twenties

Image of the flyer for the Fall classic Altoona Speedway : national 250-mile championship. Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1st, 1924.

Photo courtesy of the Villanova University Digital Library.

The first week of September marks the start of the autumn season. Yes, that’s your cue to finally get that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte you’ve been waiting for all year! 

Today’s TBT celebrates Labor Day, a national holiday in the US since 1882. This particular advertisement details a celebratory race in honor of our nation’s backbone, the working class. For a quick history interjection, the Altoona Speedway, known as the world’s fastest oval board racetrack, opened in 1923 and hosted two races annually, one on Flag Day and one on Labor Day. These races attracted large crowds of people, and board racing, although dangerous, was a popular entertainment element during the Roaring Twenties.

To see the entire TBT document, feel free to click here. For more information about the Altoona Speedway, please click this link. 

With that, we hope your Labor Day weekend was spent joyfully with friends and family, leaving you refreshed to conquer the semester ahead!

Isabel Choi ’26 CLAS, Communication & Marketing Student Assistant at Falvey Library.


Peek at the Week: September 4


In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Albus Dumbledore said, “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”

Happy Monday, Wildcats! As you embark on your journey through this new semester, remember that while your abilities make up a part of you, your choices matter infinitely more. Your choices are what demonstrate who you are or who you will be.

You can choose to be an ambitious student. You can choose to be a good friend or a caring peer. You can choose to be a dedicated athlete or artist. There are countless choices you could make. So, start making the choices, no matter how small, that will get you to where you want to be.


Tuesday, September 5

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free

Wednesday, September 6

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free

Thursday, September 7

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free

Sunday, September 10

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free


As the long weekend likely clued you in on, today, Sept. 4, is Labor Day. Here are some other holidays coming up this week:

Falling conveniently on Labor Day, today is also Eat an Extra Dessert Day. In the spirit of the long weekend, enjoy a sweet treat of your choosing guilt-free.

Wednesday, Sept. 6, is Fight Procrastination Day. It’s easier to start out building better habits early in the semester than it is to in crunch time, and procrastination is definitely a hard habit to break. Still, even if it’s just for the day, try to work on an assignment before the due date. You might even give yourself some extra hours to enjoy on the weekend.

For any movie lovers, Actors’ Day is this Friday, Sept. 8. If you’re in the mood for something lowkey, this is the perfect opportunity for a movie night. If you need something to watch, you can look through Falvey’s DVD and online movie collections for some flicks with all your favorite stars.

Sunday, Sept. 10 is Grandparents’ Day. If you have a grandparent in your life that you cherish, now is a great time to show your appreciation in your own special way. On a personal note, I am very grateful for all of my grandparents, living and passed.

Annie Stockmal is a second-year graduate student in the Communication Department and Graduate Assistant in Falvey Library.


Peek at the Week: September 5


In Othello, Shakespeare wrote, “Our bodies are gardens, to which our wills are our gardeners.”

Happy Labor Day, Wildcats! By going to Villanova and furthering our education, we are all tending to our gardens. We have the immense potential to better ourselves in the process, but a garden that is over-watered or overworked will wilt.

Take a break this Labor Day. Do something that makes you happy. It might just make your garden bloom.


Tuesday, September 6th to Thursday, September 8th

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4:00-9:00pm | Room 301 | Free

Friday, September 9th

Villanova Gaming Society Meeting | 2:30-4:30pm | Speakers’ Corner | Free & Open to the Public

Check back next week for more awesome Falvey Library events and exhibits!


Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Today is Labor Day, as you likely know, but there also are some other fun holidays coming up this week.

Tomorrow, September 6th, you can cross off a book from your reading list by celebrating National Read a Book Day. Whether it’s one of your favorite re-reads, a recommendation from a friend, or a new novel you’ve been dying to start, this Tuesday is a perfect day to crack open a book and read (But we might be a little biased at Falvey).

If you’re more of a numbers person, this Friday, September 9th is International Sudoku Day. So, find a newspaper, grab a puzzle book, or open your app and play some Sudoku.

Friday is also International Box Wine Day. If you’re 21 or older, buy some Franzia to celebrate and (responsibly) enjoy the weekend.



Annie Stockmal is a graduate student in the Communication Department and graduate assistant in Falvey Library.



Photo Friday: A Glimpse of Hope

We hope this little glimmer of color is a hopeful sign that a wonderful fall is on its way.

Falvey Memorial Library will be closed on Monday, Sept. 5, in observance of Labor Day. Villanova students, faculty, and staff may enter the Library building 24/7 with a valid Wildcard. Enjoy the holiday, ‘Cats!

Photo courtesy of Shawn Proctor, Communication and Marketing Program Manager.

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library.




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Last Modified: September 2, 2022

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