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Join us for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Virtual Series Events

By Regina Duffy

In the run-up to Election Day on Nov. 3, Falvey Memorial Library is working with a group of campus partners to present a lineup of virtual events that’s intended to spark meaningful dialogue within the Villanova Community. This election cycle falls during a pivotal moment for the United States; not only are grappling with a global pandemic, but also we are confronting many issues of social justice as a nation. Our virtual events will feature several faculty experts from across Villanova who will explore topics related to the contentious presidential race during this unsettling time. Join us to learn more and be a part of the conversation.

Camille Burge

Camille Burge, PhD, on “Examining the Roles of Race and Emotions in the 2020 Election”

First up in the series is Camille Burge, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, who will discuss “Examining the Roles of Race and Emotions in the 2020 Election” on Thursday, Oct. 8, 1-2 p.m. During the talk, Dr. Burge will address how we’re all feeling during this pandemic as well as our collective emotional reactions to a number of issues, including police brutality, #BlackLivesMatter, protests, #MeToo, hyperpolarization, and more.

Zoom join link for event attendees:

Note: Attendees must be logged into a Zoom account to be able to access this webinar.




Matthew R. Kerbel, PhD,  on “The State of the Contest, Election Day, and What Happens Next”

Next, please join us for a talk by Matthew R. Kerbel, PhD, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Professor, Department of Political Science, on Thursday, Oct. 22, 1-2 p.m., for Matt Kerbel Headshotan update on the state of the contest and a discussion of what things could look like on Election Day and during the weeks afterwards. Dr. Kerbel will describe how in the midst of a pandemic and with an incumbent casting doubt on the legitimacy of the vote, Americans are going to the polls to decide an election that could have more far-reaching consequences than any in our lifetime.

Zoom join link for event attendees:

Note: Attendees must be logged into a Zoom account to be able to access this webinar.




Faculty Panel on “The Meaning of an Election in a Pandemic Year”

Finally, on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.,  join us for a panel of faculty experts who will discuss the meaning of the election in a pandemic year. Billie Murray, PhD, Associate Collage of Billie Murray, Danielle Gadson and Tim HornerProfessor, Department of Communication, will discuss how the recent movement for Black lives has influenced the 2020 election, and how such movements can also work to transcend electoral politics. Danielle N. Gadson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, will talk about how fodder for single-issue politics in past elections, the ubiquitous effects of public health policy will be a critical consideration this election year for every voting demographic. Tim Horner, DPhil, Teaching Professor, Center for Peace and Justice Education, Augustine and Culture Seminar Program, will give us a global perspective of the upcoming election.

Zoom join link for event attendees:

Note: Attendees must be logged into a Zoom account to be able to access this webinar.


This ACS-approved event series is co-sponsored by Falvey Memorial Library in collaboration with the Center for Peace and Justice Education, the Department of Political Science, the Department of Communication, the Department of Public Administration, and Let’s Vote Nova. Join us and make sure that you get out and vote!

headshot picture of regina duffy


Regina Duffy is a Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Memorial Library.





Foto Friday: Celebrate Black History Month on Campus

By Kallie Stahl

Flyer of Black History Month events.

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library. 


Halloween tricks and treats with Distinctive Collections staff

Distinctive Collections staff hosted a Halloween Open House yesterday, with spooky treasures on display in the Rare Book Room and treats in Room 206 across the hall. Laura Bang, Distinctive Collections Librarian, and Rebecca Oviedo, Distinctive Collections Coordinator, welcomed visitors in the Rare Book Room while Beaudry Rae Allen, Preservation & Digital Archivist, dished up treats in Room 206. Our featured treat was a Prohibition-era mocktail called the St. Augustine. We also had people point out spooky spots on a campus map. It was a spooktacular event! (Click the images below to see them larger.)

Halloween event sign next to the door.

The entrance to the Rare Book Room.

Two students looking at material in cases.

We had spooky treasures on display in cases and on a table in the Rare Book Room.

Four people looking at books on a table.

Three students looking at books on a table.

Meanwhile, across the hall in Room 206, we had lots of treats.

Beaudry served up our featured treat, the St. Augustine mocktail (vanilla ice cream, vanilla and strawberry syrups, and club soda).

Visitors added stickers to a map of Villanova to mark haunted spots on campus.

The map with spooky spots. Beware!

Library staff in costumes, left to right: Chris Hallberg, Sarah Wingo, Kallie Stahl, Laura Bang, Rebecca Oviedo, Beaudry Rae Allen, Shawn Proctor.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by! You can find many of the materials that were on display in the Rare Book Room in our Digital Library.

Photos in this post were taken by Laura Bang, Annabelle Humiston, Rebecca Oviedo, and Daniella Snyder.

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E-book Summit: Wednesday

The Falvey Library Professional Development Committee invites you to attend a virtual summit hosted by Library Journal on eBooks on Wednesday, September 29 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the instruction room. Highlights of the program include:

  • *An address by Ray Kurzweil, inventor of the optical character recognition, voice recognition programs and music synthesizer and author of many books on how to live a long, healthy life
  • *Panel on how Ebooks impact libraries
  • *Discussion of the academic track on the Google book settlement.

Cookies and beverages will be served. For additional information:

If you have questions, please contact:


Upcoming Library Events

There are several exciting library events approaching!

Want to know who the next president will be?  Lara Brown has some ideas, today at 4:00pm in the Falvey cafe/lounge.


Falvey Library Open House – Students can enter to win an iPad, Kindle, or Sony Reader!


Dr. Mercedes Julia will be discussing her new book!


Need some business skills?  These workshops are offered in Bartley Hall!  Communication majors may be especially interested in the workshop on advertising, offered October 18th and 20th.



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Research Support Librarian



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