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Cat in the Stax: Finding Journals at Falvey

As Falvey’s Cat in the Stax, Rebecca writes articles covering a broad range of topics, from academics to hobbies to random events. All the while highlighting how Falvey Library can enhance your Villanova experience!

Happy Wednesday, Wildcats! I know we’re only a few weeks into the semester, so it might be a little early to discuss papers, but I want to bring you attention to a useful resource that can help you conduct research when those due dates eventually draw near. And who knows, maybe this is something you can use right now if you’re currently conducting research for whatever reason.

Falvey’s Databases A-Z make it easy for you to find books, articles, and journals. This list contains links to a multitude of databases across a wide spectrum of subjects. It allows you to¬† browse or narrow in on an area to find journals related to that topic. Definitely something you want to keep in mind or bookmark for later when those research papers need to get done!

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I also want to bring your attention to one specific resource within the Falvey Database: BrowZine. BrowZine is a comprehensive list of all the journals the Library is subscribed to and allows you to search through them. This blog post from 2016 describes the system in more depth. The BrowZine Library is divided by subject, meaning you can click the area of research you are interested in (Biological Sciences, History, Philosophy and Religion, etc.) and find journals related to that topic. This is a great way to find journals you might have missed otherwise.

Like I said, a little early to be talking about research projects, but you should definitely check out these two Falvey resources and become familiar with using them. That way, you’ll be prepared when you inevitably need to begin searching for journals and articles.

Rebecca Amrick

Rebecca Amrick is a first year graduate student in the English Department and a Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.



Last Modified: January 24, 2024

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