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Curious Cat Asks: How Do You Beat Stress?


By Shawn Proctor, Annie Stockmal, Rebecca Amrick, and Jadyn Piotrowski

"Curious Cat Banner"


Happy Thursday, Wildcats! Curious Cat is back and ready to help you take on this semester! This week’s question is “What is your top way to beat stress?”

We asked a few of Falvey’s favorite patrons what they think, and here’s what they said. Maybe give one of their ideas a try when you’re feeling overwhelmed!


Matthew Shannon curious cat

“Talking to my parents/friends.”
-Matthew Shannon CLAS ’27


David Sung curious cat

“Gym or taking a nap.”
-David Sung VSB ’27


curious cat Nicholas Beyer

“Listen to music.”
-Nicholas Beyer CLAS ’26


Shawn Proctor Head shot

Shawn Proctor, MFA, is a Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Library.



Annie Stockmal is a graduate student in the Communication Department and Graduate Assistant in Falvey Library. 




Rebecca AmrickRebecca Amrick is a first-year graduate student in the English Department and a Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.




Jadyn Piotrowski ’26 VSB is a Communication & Marketing Student Assistant at Falvey Library.



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Happy Family Weekend

Villanova Football 1978

Photo courtesy of the Falvey collection.

The crisp is in the air and the crunch(!) is on the football field, which can only mean one thing: it’s Family Weekend! To get you in the Villanova spirit, we “Fotofriday” flashback to 1978 when Parents’ Weekend (as it was known then) caught this clash of gridders. Welcome to all of our Wildcat families! And go, Cats!




Support the Library on 1842 Day!

Tomorrow is 1842 Day, and Falvey invites alumni, students, faculty, staff, as well as friends, family, and supporters to join the fun by supporting the Library!

We will be celebrating on our social channels and in-person on the first floor of Falvey, so stop by! You might even win a prize!

Located at the heart of main campus, Falvey Library is the interdisciplinary academic center of the Villanova University community. Students, faculty, and staff visit Falvey over half a million times each year. Whether to discuss research with a librarian, attend a book talk with an accomplished author, or find a quiet place to write or study, a visit to the Library is an essential part of a student’s life at Villanova.

Gifts to the Library on 1842 Day over the past six years have helped enhance and impact many areas of the Library, and students and faculty benefit for generations to come. Past donations were used to purchase public health materials and preservation supplies for rare materials.

“Falvey Library connects so many aspects of Villanova’s past and present,” says Millicent Gaskell, University Librarian. “It is an intellectual hub on campus for students from every college. It is where treasures from the University’s history and collective memories are stored and preserved. And with the support from 1842 donors, we will continue to elevate our services and programs.”

Make your gift now!


Falvey Honors 9/11 Anniversary

Today, Sept. 11, is the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, the morning terrorists hijacked four American airplanes resulting in the deaths of nearly 3,000 people, including fifteen alumni.

Falvey Library honors the Villanovans, all those who lost their lives, and the first responders, by displaying a tribute each year to mark the tragic anniversary. The display, located in the lobby, lists the names of the Villanovans killed on 9/11 and is juxtaposed against flag designs and vases containing red, white, and blue flowers.


Honoring the Life of Dr. Samuel Jay, Assistant Director of Retention

By Shawn Proctor

The late Dr. Samuel Jay, along with and Olivia D'Aiutolo Mendenall, sort textbooks for their respective students.

We join the Villanova community in mourning the sudden passing of Dr. Samuel Jay, Assistant Director of Retention at the Center for Access, Success and Achievement (CASA) on Aug. 29. Dr. Jay (or “Dr. J” as he was known around campus) received his doctorate in July from Delaware State, and a few weeks earlier, he helped build out CASA’s lending library through a 600-pound book donation made by outgoing Villanova students.

The term “good people” is reserved for “a honest, helpful, or morally good person,” according to Merriam-Webster. He was not just good people, Dr. J was wonderful people.

Rest in peace. You shall be dearly missed by the students and colleagues whose lives you impacted.

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LIBRARY 101: Know Your Falvey Acronyms

By Shawn Proctor

There’s so much lingo to learn at Villanova, especially for new students.

One example. If someone wants to meet you for lunch at The Oreo, Spit, or the Pit, for which one should you plan to bring along your food?

Answer: The Oreo. Despite its tasty-sounding name, the so-called Oreo is just nickname for “The Awakening” sculpture near the Connelly Center. It is so not edible.

At Falvey, we have some acronyms of our own. Don’t worry, they aren’t ones you have to memorize, since you can just stop back here anytime and get oriented to the Library’s services and resources.

Access Services

The friendly faces at the front desk and the hardworking people who handle borrowing and lending, equipment loans, interlibrary loan services (ILL) and EZ-Borrow collection maintenance, and course reserves so students can easily read, study, and succeed.

C&M (Communications & Marketing)

The team who handles library events, publications, signage, social media, and this very own news blog.

DCDE (Distinctive Collections & Digital Engagement)

This includes several important areas in the Library: Special Collections, University Archives, and Villanova’s Digital Library.

RSSE (Research Services & Scholarly Engagement)

Do you know your subject librarian? Have a question about research or how to navigate the resources on the Library’s website? Start here. Dedicated librarians will help you find what you need and more.


Three Library partners are located within the building: The Learners’ Studio and CASA (Center for Success and Achievement) on the second floor and IIE (Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) on the ground floor.

CASA aims to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented, first generation, and Pell Eligible students through holistic support in a culturally diverse and academically excellent environment.

IIE’s Idea Lab is a gathering space for individuals from all corners of campus to collaborate on innovative, creative, and cross-curricular projects.

Shawn Proctor Head shot

Shawn Proctor, MFA, is Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Library.



A Requiem for John Dunphy, Longtime Villanova Band Director



The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing oldBut his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soulMy life has been a poor attempt to imitate the manI’m just a living legacy to the leader of the band

-Dan Fogelberg, “The Leader of the Band”

Nearly four decades of students kept time at the steady direction of Band Director John Dunphy who passed away Aug. 10, at the age of 87. Hired in 1979, Dunphy (pictured in the 1980 and 1985 Belle Air yearbooks, courtesy of Falvey Library’s physical collection) was a common sight at Villanova football and basketball games as well as commencement, before his retirement in 2017.

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New Faculty Breakfast Introduces Faculty to Falvey Library

Thank you to all of the participants who came to Falvey Library for the New Faculty Breakfast! This introduction to our librarians and Falvey’s services is one of our favorite events that signal the new academic year is about to start.


Celebrating National Book Lover’s Day with a Bit of Attitude



Happy National Book Lover’s Day! The dog days of summer are the perfect time to settle back with a book about a cool cat. And who’s a cooler Wildcat than Jay Wright, former Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball team, and author of the book Attitude?

Got a favorite book of your own? Let us know!





Libraries Go to Hollywood: Ghostbusters & New York Public Library

Famous Hollywood Hills in California, USA. Hollywood Sign. California Photo Collection.


Courtesy of Wikicommons: George Eastman House, Set 72157608512488080, ID 2987740376, Original title [NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY]

By Shawn Proctor

This summer Falvey Library is going to the movies! Well, we’re using our beloved Library’s resources to research the coolest film scenes set in libraries. So grab a seat and a box of popcorn because the we’re going to look at when libraries go to Hollywood.


Want to win a cool “Falvey Says Read” tee shirt? Email your favorite movie library to, and we’ll pick a winner at random!


We’re not afraid of no ghosts! But the opening scenes of Ghostbusters, the 1984 classic horror-comedy, are actually pretty scary as we follow Alice, an older librarian, down the shadowy bookshelves.

“Deep in the basement of the New York Public Library (NYPL), strange things are happening: Books float from shelf to shelf in midair, cards spew from catalog drawers, and a librarian confronts a terrifying . . . something. Enter Drs. Venkman (Bill Murray), Spengler (Harold Ramis), and Stantz (Dan Aykroyd): “paranormal studies” researchers working in, but barely tolerated by, the psychology department of Columbia University,” explains The Laughing Dead: The Horror-comedy Film from Bride of Frankenstein to Zombieland. (Access available via ProQuest.)

While the film made use of many notable New York City landmarks, the ominous exterior of the NYPL, complete with massive marble lions, sets the tone for all of supernatural scares ahead. The pair of big cats look as if they might pounce off their pedestals right then!


Courtesy of NYPL

Did you know? The two lions are named Patience and Fortitude! And they are 112 years old, according to the NYPL!

If you want to see more images of the lions through the years, visit this NYPL Google Drive.


“(T)he screenwriters imagined that the urban setting was appropriate not only to the comic riffs of their characters (and the unflappable locals), but also to the mythology they were creating for their demons and ghouls. The buildings in New York are old and rich with history, full of ghosts and their legends,” says the book Fun City Cinema : New York City and the Movies That Made It. (Access available via ProQuest.)

“Of course, it adds to the comedy when the Ghostbusters themselves are only fractionally braver than Alice the librarian,” adds Karen Kettnich and Paul T. Jaeger in their Library Quarterly article “Libraries and Librarians Onscreen and in Library Quarterly, Part 2, Or, The Greatest Hits of the ’80s, ’90s, and Today!”


Do you still use physical media like DVDs? You can borrow a DVD set of Ghostbusters 1 & 2 via Falvey’s Interlibrary Loan service!


Throughout the movie, the exteriors were consistently New York, but you might not realize that very few of the interior sets resided on the east coast. Filming shifted to Los Angeles due to save on filming costs. The library scene is no exception.

“…the stacks of the library are the stacks of the library. Even though they’re quite particular at the great New York Public Library on 42nd Street, we didn’t think it would be a problem to move that scene [to L.A.],” Ivan Reitman told LA Weekly in 2016. “Where we made use of the great reading room [of the New York Public Library] — and we were always going to film there as soon as I walked through it and was given permission to shoot there — I said, “Well, this is incomparable, so we have to shoot here.”

As Falvey is home to the impressive Dugan Polk Family Reading Room, we can completely understand that sentiment.


Got a favorite movie that features a library? Comment below!


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Shawn Proctor Shawn Proctor is a Communication and Marketing Manager at Falvey Memorial Library.



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Last Modified: July 24, 2023

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