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Birthday Celebration for Father Falvey

Image part of “Villanova’s Library: Revisiting its Past, Envisioning its Future” exhibit, courtesy of Falvey’s Distinctive Collections

By Shawn Proctor

Happy birthday to the Rev. Daniel P. Falvey, OSA, for whom Villanova’s Library is named.

It is fitting tribute to Father Falvey to celebrate his life through the words of the Very Rev. Ralph V. Shuhler, OSA, then Assistant General, on the occasion of the library’s naming and rededication as Falvey Memorial Library on May 5, 1963.

“This library, which is the center of the intellectual life of the University, might well be called his child. He began his life’s work as an Augustinian priest in the Villanova Library as its custodian; and for twenty-five years it was the center of his unremitting care. …his counsel and designs were seen everywhere to make that building as modern and as functional as any library in the country today….

Father Falvey was not content to leave this Library a monument to the imposing campus of Villanova University. He wished to make it the source of intellectual endeavor both for the University students and for the community at large…..But far more important to the Friends of the Library were the human qualities that endeared him to all.”

Learn more about Father Falvey’s life here:


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Shawn Proctor, MFA, is Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Library.





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