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Curious Cat: Thanksgiving Dish of Choice

By Olivia Dunn & Ethan Shea

"Curious Cat Banner"

Happy Thursday, Wildcats! Thanksgiving break is fast-approaching, and you knows what that means … delicious Thanksgiving meals! Ranking the quality of holiday dishes can be a controversial topic, but nevertheless, this week’s installment of the Curious Cat takes on the age-old debate over Thanksgiving foods.

Which dish is best? Have you spent the last year pining for green bean casserole, or are you a glutton for mashed potatoes? Regardless of how you fill your plate, this blog is for you! Read on to find out how a few Falvey patrons responded to this provocative prompt.

"Curious Cat Nov. 17 (2)"

“Clementines with my turkey.”

— Meagan Tolgyesi ’23

“Sweet potato casserole without marshmallows and with nuts.”

— Katherine Polatchek ’23

“Mashed potatoes.”

— Christina Ochs ’23

"Curious Cat Nov. 17 (1)"

“Mashed potatoes.”

— Emma Thompson ’23

Olivia Dunn HeadshotOlivia Dunn is a senior at Villanova University. She works in Falvey Library as a Communications and Marketing Assistant and majors in Communication with specializations in both Journalism and Public Relations.





Headshot of Ethan SheaEthan Shea is a graduate student in the English Department at Villanova University and Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.



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