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Window Shopping: “When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside? Class of 2017”

A glittering, mirrored exhibit, “When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside?” welcomes the Class of 2017 and focuses on the first semester of the Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS). ACS is a two-semester program that all first-year students are required to attend. During their first-semester course, ACS 1000: Ancients (Augustine and his world), students read various literary selections from the Bible, St. Augustine’s Confessions, the Torah, Iliad and more.


Curved mirrors frame the exhibit which Joanne Quinn, graphic designer, created and Molly Quinn, a Scholarly-Outreach-team student employee, helped Quinn to mount. Another large, centrally located oval mirror displays the title, “When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside? Class of 2017.” “Who am I?” is the fundamental question which “guides the student’s journey through the (two semester) ACS … sequence.”


Empty picture frames covered in silver, purple or aqua glitter suggest the theme, “Who am I?” is waiting to be answered. Glass shelves hold numerous books all drawn from Falvey’s collections, some of which students will read during the semester. A digital picture frame displays portraits of authors and quotations from their works.


Hand mirrors scattered throughout the exhibit contain quotations from ancient literature. A poster explains that “Through ACS, all Villanova students engage in a distinctive first-year experience” and provides additional information about the ACS Program. A second poster with a photograph of Robert (Rob) LeBlanc introduces him as the first-year experience librarian and provides his contact information.

Colorful and educational, this exhibit provides an introduction to ACS 1000, its literature, and the librarian who works with the first-year students enrolled in the course.

Alice Bampton is an digital image specialist and senior writer on the Communication and Publications Team.



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