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Find editions of the Bible or biblical commentary: Some helpful tips

kingjamesDesigned with students in mind, a new Bible Research Guide has been added to the library web site. Although finding a copy of the Bible may seem like an easy task in a Catholic university library, it can be confusing. There are many places on the Internet where one can find the text of the Bible in English. There are even a few good web sites for finding a passage if you have the Bible reference with book, chapter and verse.

Here are some quick tips as you start looking for a Bible or Bible commentary. Your teacher may recommend a certain translation. Refer to the Bible Research Guide for a brief overview of different versions.

Looking for books that will help you uncover the significance or meaning of a biblical passage? This section of the research guide, Finding Books about the Bible, will lead you to commentaries in Falvey.

The word canon in relationship to sacred scriptures means the official or most accepted body of writings considered normative for any given religion. The Christian Bible has two principal parts: the Old Testament, part of which is the sacred scripture for Judaism, and the New Testament. Sometimes books or parts of the Bible are published in translation (since the original languages of the Bible are Hebrew and Greek), and very often a commentary is written for only a segment of the biblical canon. Be aware, there are also many extra-biblical religious writings which often read like scripture even though they are not canonical.

Let us know if you find this topic guide useful, or if you need more help.

By Darren Poley



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Last Modified: November 30, 2009

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