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'Caturday: The Eve of Palm Sunday

CatsUnderTheStarsCDIt’s the eve of Palm Sunday and I wanted to find something about this feast day in popular culture. Among other things that turned up, I found out that, in 1978, Jerry Garcia recorded “Palm Sunday” with the Jerry Garcia Band for their album Cats Under the Stars.

The river so white, the mountain so red
and with the sunshine over my head
The honky-tonks are all closed and hushed
It looks like Palm Sunday again
It looks like Palm Sunday again
It looks like Palm Sunday again

The sky is so green, clouds of canary
Blood moon rise like a fat ripe cherry
Sunset quiet as a benediction
One true love, the rest is fiction

If I stay longer, trouble will find me
An epitaph and a sheet to wind me
A passable day for the least of men
it must be Palm Sunday again

Have a blessed and grateful Palm Sunday, Wildcats.

“God made Jesus human like us; he suffered probably more than we ever will to show us how we need to be, how to live our lives.” – Lenten Reflection, Tony Alfano, Connelly Center, Villanova University



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