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More early 20th century humor in proofreading

Today’s new online proofreading project is a direct follow-up to an earlier title. Jiglets: A Series of Sidesplitting Gyrations Reeled Off by Walter Jones, the third volume of the Street & Smith Humor Library, immediately follows Atchoo!, which we made available back in August.

Like Atchoo!, Jiglets is essentially a transcription of a live comedy routine, illustrated with numerous line drawings.

Here is an excerpt (describing the comedian’s acting career) to give a feel for the sort of humor on display here:

I played Hamlet, Egglet, Eyelet, Omelet and To Let.

Every time I played Hamlet, I got an Egglet in the Eyelet, and I saved them up and made an Omelet, which caused such a disturbance among the other boarders, that my landlady told me my room was To Let.

If this brand of silliness appeals to you, please visit the project page to help us produce a modern electronic edition of this forgotten text.  You can also learn more about the proofreading project in this earlier blog post.



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Last Modified: January 2, 2013

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