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Ethical Dilemmas in a Brave New World

Eagerly awaited and long overdue, the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics is now available online through the library’s website. Over one hundred new articles address ethical topics which emerged since the publication of the first critically acclaimed edition in 1998. Browsing through the table of contents, the interested reader encounters a brave new world expressed in neologisms such as Savior Siblings, Genetic Exceptionalism, and Open Source Software, terminology which largely did not exist back in 1998. The fields of medical research and practice are well represented throughout the Encyclopedia with a strong emphasis on genetics. Interesting articles in the field of genetics include the new entries on the Human Genome Project, Genetic Ancestry, Genetics & Insurance, and Genetics & Crime. By comparison, the 1998 edition has a single entry on genetics.

Noteworthy among the new entries are articles on the Problem of Evil, Cyborgs, Obesity, Transhumanism, Global Public Goods and the Just War Theory. About thirty entries have been omitted from the new edition of the Encyclopedia. Missing from the new edition are Sexual Harassment, Corporal Punishment and Health Care Financing to name but a few examples. The Library will retain the first edition to ensure continued access to these materials.

The Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics is ideally suited for undergraduate students. Each article delivers a thorough introduction to its topic and concludes with a recommended reading list. Students may also browse the table of contents to generate ideas for topics. Some of the new entries in the Encyclopedia will be of special interest to undergraduate students who grew up with Facebook (Social Networking Sites) and Reality TV. Both topics have been added to the Encyclopedia.

Contributing authors are scholars and practitioners in the field. Each article includes a glossary and cross references which refer the reader to related articles. Articles can be read online, emailed or downloaded as pdf files. Entries include a convenient link to related peer-reviewed journal articles on the Science Direct platform. The new edition of the Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics is available online. Links to the online content can be found in the Library’s catalog as well as on the Ethics Research Guide.

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