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Multitasking on Trial

We know you do it.  Heck, we do it too.  There is even a host of researchers out there studying and publishing books about it.  The library wants to make it even easier to do…with downloadable audiobooks!

Wouldn’t you like to download an audio book for one of your classes and listen to it while on a long run this evening?  Or how about listening while eating breakfast or driving home for the weekend?  We know that busy graduate students are downloading audio books and “reading” during commutes, because they tell us so.

EBSCOhost one of the library’s vendors is now offering downloadable audio books.  The audio books can be downloaded to your computer and transferred to either your ipod or MP3 player after installing a EBSCOhost download manager application and creating an EBSCOhost account.  Access to the audio file would vary by check out time.  Our trial only includes a few titles, but the titles available via a library subscription would be much expanded.   For instance the business collection includes classic titles such as The Wealth of Nations and recent bestsellers such as Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail or Jeffrey Sach’s End of Poverty Let us know what you think!




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Last Modified: November 16, 2011

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