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Technology developers share ideas at national "code4lib 2011"

Three members of Falvey Memorial Library’s staff, David Lacy, Demian Katz and David Uspal, gave presentations at the code4lib 2011 conference held Feb. 7-10 at Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. code4lib is a “loosely-structured conference for library technologists.”

(l. to r.) Demian Katz, David Uspal, David Lacy

David Lacy, library software development specialist, spoke on “(Yet Another) Home-Grown Digital Library System, Built Upon Open Source XML Technologies and Metadata Standards.” He discussed Falvey’s “homegrown digital library” and its workflow process, demonstrated the software’s flexibility and features, and showed how it allows “rapid digital preservation and online access” to the Falvey Digital Library.

Demian Katz, library technology development specialist, presented “VuFind Beyond MARC:  Discovering Everything Else.” He explained how “VuFind has grown to accommodate just about anything you can throw at it,” and explained new work flows and tools and “some of the non- traditional applications of VuFind.” To see VuFind in action, go to the Falvey catalog.

David Uspal, web specialist for library and scholarly applications, gave a “lightning talk” titled “Generating a Sitemap from a Solr Index.” code4lib 2011 lightning-talk speakers were allowed five minutes. David has used Solr, an open source search platform, to write code that “helps search engines like Google do a better job of leading people to the Library’s website.”

Contributed by Alice Bampton and Gerald Dierkes




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