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Content Roundup – Last Week – October 2021

The Suburban (Wayne Times Edition), v. 26, no. 24, September 16, 1910

Newly scanned and available this week: new Dime Novels and story- and newspaper issues – including issues of the The Suburban (Wayne Times Edition) from the Radnor Historical Society, several books and pamphlets, and a statistical history of Villanova football.

Dime Novel and Popular Literature


La Tosca : founded on the famous play of the same name / by Victorien Sardou


Front cover, Our Nation At War, v. 5, no. 3, July 19, 1898

Our nation in war (3 parts added)

Everybody’s law book / by John L. Shirley


p. [153], Frank Leslie’s Chimney Corner, v. X, no. 244, January 29, 1870

Frank Leslie’s Chimney Corner (1 issue added)

New York Family Story Paper (1 issue added)

New York Fireside Companion (2 issues added)

New York Ledger (5 issues added)

p. [97], Street & Smith’s Literary Album, v. I, no. 7, February 3, 1866

Street & Smith’s Literary Album (4 issues added)

Joseph McGarrity Collection


Front cover, The Ardagh chalice

The Ardagh chalice; a description of the ministral chalice found at Ardagh in county Limerick in the year 1868; with a note on its traditional conformity to the Holy Grail of legend and story / by L.S. Góga


Irish freedom, no. 16, February 1912

Irish Freedom (14 issues and 1 subscription card added)


Detail, [1] p., Saturday Globe, v. 20, no. 8, Saturday, July 7, 1900

Saturday Globe (21 issues added)


Description of Pompeian ruins, restorations and scenes exhibited at the Pompeian Museum, Fairmount Park / published by authority of the Park Commission

Fall classic Altoona Speedway : national 250-mile championship. Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1st, 1924

Radnor Historical Society

The Suburban (Wayne Times Edition), (8 issues added July-September 1910)

Villanova Digital Collection


Title page, Villanova University football; a statistical history

Villanova University Football; a statistical history / Compiled by: Rev. Michael J. O’Donnell, O.S.A.

Photographs and Illustrations

Photograph, Special Olympics, 1992

Student Life (2 Special Olympics photographs added)

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