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St. Paddy’s Day from the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick

On March 17, 1814, the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick met to celebrate the anniversary of St. Patrick in Philadelphia. The United States was in the middle of war with England that would last for nearly another year. The following is a transcription, and notes, from that gathering.

From Rules Minutes &c. of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, 1813-1852, p. 20-22.

A portion of the transcribed text is from the digitized copy from The Society of The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick for The Relief of Emigrants from Ireland collection found in Falvey’s Digital Library.



This being the anniversary of St. Patrick, [2] the Society, [3] agreeably to former arrangement dined together at the Mansion House Hotel in Market Street, and were honored with the company of the officers of the St. Andrew’s, [4] St. George’s, [5] the Welsh and the German [6] Societies, and of the Right Reverend


Bishop White, [7] the Reverend Doctors Blackwell [8] and Abercrombie [9] and other respectable citizens. After Dinner the following toasts were given from the Chair.

1. The Immortal Memory of St. Patrick.
2. The Land of our Fathers.
3. The United States: __ the country of our Adoption.
4. The Memory of George Washington.
May it ever be, as it always has been, held in grateful remembrance by the
Hibernian Society. [10]
5. The Memory of General Montgomery, [11] and the nation of Hibernia, [12] who spilt
their blood for the achievement of the Independence of America.
6. The President [13] and constituted authorities of the Union.
7. The Governor [14] and Commonwealth of Pennsylva
8. The Militia, Army and Navy of the United States.
May their joint and separate exertions in defense of this country meet their best
reward — the approbation of that country.


9th The Union of the States
May each return of our anniversary find that Union drawn more close and more strongly cemented by mutual for bearance, material good will and mutual interests.
10th The Commerce, the Agriculture and the Manufacturer of the United States.
As they naturally depend upon each other, may no unreasonable jealousies deprive them of mutual assistance.
11. The Ocean
May it be the great high was for all Nations – Usurped by none.
12. The American Non descripts: Best described by Commodores Bainbridge, [15] and Decatur: [16] the Captains Hull [17] and Jones, [18] their brave officers and crews.
13. A speedy Peace, [19] upon such terms as the United States ought to grant, and the Enemy ought to accept.
14. Social Intercourse.
May the spirit of a party never rise so high as to destroy private friendships, prevent the reunion of good men, or endanger the Liberties and Happiness of our common Country.


15. The benevolence Societies of St. Andrews, St. George, the Welsh and the German.
16. The Education of Youth: __ the only certain mode of securing to the commonwealth “Virtue, Liberty and Independence”.
17. The fair daughter of Columbia. [20]


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