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Moodboard Monday: Regina Duffy

Trying to find a new book to read, a different podcast to listen to or another show to watch? Look no further than this series of interviews with Falvey Memorial Library staff. Sharing their recent interests and activities, feel free to explore these recommendations and expand your popular culture palate.

Tell me a bit about your role at Falvey Memorial Library.

I work on the Communication and Marketing Team, scheduling events and writing editorial projects for the Library’s blog and newsletter, Mosaic. I also dabble in social media postings.

Name a book you haven’t been able to put down.

The last book I read was The Shining. I had seen the movie previously, but while I was on jury duty (for ten hours,) I flew through the book in one sitting. I was very interested in the book and I actually preferred it over the movie; they were two very different experiences.

What binge worthy television shows have you been streaming?

I binged on “Game of Thrones” [HBO] last summer and I’m excited for the show to return in July. I also enjoy “House of Cards” [Netflix], but I have yet to watch the new season. I’m interested to see where that show is going to go. “Parenthood” [NBC; Netflix] and “Stranger Things” [Netflix] helped me through my maternity leave: I had something to watch when I was getting up at all hours of the night. “Parenthood” was a heartwarming series, while “Stranger Things” was just plain creepy.

Have you been to the theatre recently? Any musicals or plays you would attend again?

I haven’t had much free time lately to go to the theatre.

Name a podcast you’ve been following.

I really enjoy “Modern Love,” “Dear Sugar,” and “This American Life.” Those are what I listen to frequently when I am doing chores around my house. I also like “Criminal” because there are a lot of interesting stories on that podcast.

Speaking of listening, what musical artist(s) has been blasting out of your speakers?

I have Sirius XM (satellite radio) and everyday on the way to and from work I hear “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. So, I’d have to say him.

What is something you enjoy doing in Philadelphia?

I like to go have a meal outside on a nice day. If you’re looking for a good chicken taco and the best salsa verde, plan a visit to Cantina Dos Segundos. I also like Jones, it’s a Stephen Starr restaurant. The place reminds me of “The Brady Bunch;” a lot of 70’s retro.

Tell me about a dish you recently prepared. Would you share the recipe?

I recently prepared Annie’s organic macaroni and cheese for my daughter. And yes, I can share the recipe. First, you add water, and then you microwave for two minutes. Just call me Chef Duffy.

What summertime activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy going to the beach, playing with my daughters outside, going to the park, and exploring the zoo.

Name an app you’re crazy about.

I just discovered Bitmoji and I’ve been having fun with it.

Bitmoji Gina



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Last Modified: June 19, 2017

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