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Content Roundup – First Week – August 2013

White Dandy

This week brings us a host on new historic popular newspaper issues from a number of rare papers to read. As you are pool or beach side, ponder life from the horse’s point of view in: “White Dandy” the Companion to Black Beauty; or, consider the tale of “Marmaduke, the mustanger”… and no horsing around poolside! Meanwhile progress continues apace in bringing the historic University theses to the internet. A number of early historic Villanova catalogs have also been added this week: read about the early required classes and awards given to students.. mention in the catalog was once included for the greatest improvement in Penmanship over the prior year, so while the summer recess continues remember to sharpen your quills and practice your loops and flourishes.

Catholica Collection

Educational Briefs (6 issues added)

Dime Novel and Popular Literature


Robin Hood

Aldine Robin Hood Library (from 2 editions, 3 issues added, series started)

Brave and Bold (1 issue added, Marmaduke, the mustanger; or, The mysteries of Crescent Butte)


The Clincher Campaign; or, Deadwood Dick in Cincinnati.

Secret Service Old and Young King Brady, Detectives (2 issues added)

“White Dandy”, or, Master and I : a horse’s story : a companion to “Black Beauty”


Boston Cultivator

Boston Cultivator (4 issues and index added, series started)

Hearth and Home

Hearth and Home (2 issues added, series started)

The New World

The New World (11 issues added, series started)


Penny illustrated paper and illustrated times (15 issues added)

Villanova Digital Collection


University Catalogues (10 issues added)

Graduate Theses

1951 [24 theses added]

1952 [Complete: 34 theses added]




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