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Peek at the Week: May 1


In The Ersatz Elevator, Daniel Handler or, rather, Lemony Snicket wrote, “If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives. Let’s go.”

Happy Monday, Wildcats! When we’re about to do something difficult and stressful, it’s natural to not feel adequately prepared, to not feel ready. For some of us, that describes finals, a predictably stressful occurrence that leaves us drained. For those who are graduating, this is even more true, as it can sort of feel like you’re jumping into the unknown.

But, if we wait until we feel totally ready, we’ll be waiting forever. Let’s go, Wildcats. And remember, Falvey is always here to help make your last days of classes and finals easier, whether it’s a quiet place to study, help from our subject librarians, or some stress relief from our stress-busting events.


Monday, May 1

Mindfulness Monday | 1-1:30 p.m. | Virtual | Free & Open to Villanova Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free

Tuesday, May 2

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free

Wednesday, May 3

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free

Thursday, May 4

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free

Friday, May 5

Falvey Library’s Stress Busting Open House: Blow Your Worries Away | 11 a.m.-1 p.m. | Front Entrance, Falvey Library | Refreshments Served | Stress-Busting Activities

Sunday, May 7

The Learners’ Studio/Center for Speaking and Presentation | 4-9 p.m. | Room 301 | Free


Wednesday, May 3, is Sun Day, and fittingly, today is Melanoma Monday. Although the holiday is technically about the solar energy for infrastructure, enjoying some time in the sun can also give our minds and bodies the energy we need. It gives us a vitamin D boost and, when combined with fun activities or relaxation, helps to relieve stress (and with finals quickly approaching, we could all use some stress relief). But, while you’re soaking in some rays, remember to apply a generous amount of sunscreen, no matter your skin color or predisposition for sunburn. Not only will this help you prevent melanoma and other skin cancers, it’ll keep your skin looking younger for longer.

As you may already know, this Thursday is Star Wars Day, celebrated annually on May (the) 4th (be with you) as a play on words. If you’re a Star Wars fan, today is the perfect excuse to make some time to dive into to Star Wars universe. If you’re looking to watch (or rewatch) the films, you can start your journey here at Falvey with Stars Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope, available in our DVD Collection. For more, check out the entirety of Falvey’s Star Wars collection. For my personal celebration, I’m planning on finally starting the 3rd season of The Mandalorian.

Photo by Laura Pratt on Unsplash

Feeling stressed? Thursday is also National Renewal Day, a day dedicated to self-help and self-care. Although it might be difficult to fully embrace renewal with finals coming up, take some time to do something that relieves your stress today, whether it’s taking a long shower, sunbathing outside, or watching your comfort show. Need some extra help? Swing by Falvey on Friday, May 5, for some fun activities and tasty treats at our annual Stress-Busting Open House. (Details can be found here).

Need a portable meal while studying for finals? Friday, May 5, is National Hoagie Day. If you’re feeling in the spirit, stop by Wawa or your go-to local deli to enjoy this Mid-Atlantic delicacy.

Annie Stockmal is a graduate student in the Communication Department and Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.


Foto Friday: You’re One Smart Cookie!

You’re one smart cookie!

Thanks for stopping by our midterm stress buster, Wildcats. Have a safe and relaxing spring break.

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Library. Photos courtesy of Ethan Shea, Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.





Foto Friday: Donut Stress About Finals

Thanks to all the Wildcats that stopped by Falvey’s Semi-Annual Stress Busting Open House yesterday. Donut stress about finals—Good luck, Nova Nation!

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Library. Photos courtesy of Stahl and Shawn Proctor, Communication and Marketing Program Manager.





Dig Deeper: 3D Donut Cat

A 3D ornament of a cat on a donut.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Proctor, Communication & Marketing Program Manager.

If you look closely, you’ll spot “Donut Cat” on the Christmas tree displayed on Falvey Library’s first floor. “Donut Cat” was created by Shawn Proctor, Communication & Marketing Program Manager, in the Idea Lab as a way to celebrate “Falvey Library’s Semi-Annual Stress Busting Event: Donut Worry About Finals” on Thursday, Dec. 8, from 12-2 p.m. in front of Falvey’s Holy Grounds.

Fitting in beautifully with the “Wildcat” blue décor on Falvey’s tree, Proctor shared his process for making the ornament:

“Over the summer, I learned how to 3D print from Assistant Director Stephen Green. I’ve always been curious–how can someone make something and a machine creates it layer by layer? You’re only limited by the size and technical limits of the machine, but there’s an incredible number of things that can be created within those perimeters. Robots, tools, articulated slugs. Most of all, I learned 3D printing is as much art as it is science (often, a small problem completely ruins a print) but when it works…(chef’s kiss) magic.”

Interested in printing your own project? The Maker Lab (located in the Idea Lab on Falvey’s ground floor) “is equipped with a plethora of tools (3D printers, laser cutter, sewing machine, drill press, Cricut, wrenches, etc.).” Everyone is welcome in the Idea Lab and no prior 3D printing experience is required. Just stop by and the staff will assist you in bringing your idea to fruition.

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Library.




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Weekend Recs: Nostalgia

By Jenna Renaud

Happy Friday, Wildcats! Falvey Memorial Library is delivering you another semester of Weekend Recs, a blog dedicated to filling you in on what to read, listen to, and watch over the weekend. Jenna, a graduate assistant from the Communication department, scours the internet, peruses the news, and digs through book stacks to find new, relevant, and thought-provoking content that will challenge you and prepare you for the upcoming week. 

The end of the semester is upon us and the only thing standing between us and summer is a couple of exams and final papers. For many people, this time of year is a nostalgic one. Maybe you’re a senior and thinking back over your four years at Villanova and all the memories. Or maybe your nostalgic for your childhood home, knowing going back home for the summer will bring back a flood of memories. No matter what the reason, sometimes it’s just fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Keep reading for some ways you can play into that nostalgic feeling this weekend. 

If you have 2 minutes… read this article about what nostalgia actually is and the impact it can have on us and our mood.  

If you have 10 minutes… and are near Falvey, stop by between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to grab some baseball-themed treats, destress from finals, and reminisce on the school year with your friends.  

If you have 30 minutes… and want to go way back, spend some time digitally flipping through old Belle Air yearbooks, available in Falvey’s digital collection.  

If you have 1 hour and 28 minutes… watch the new Netflix documentary “White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch” that does a deep dive into the company’s exclusionary marketing and discriminatory hiring practices. Just thinking about the documentary, I instantly get transported back to wandering the mall with friends in middle school and coming across the strong scent of their store. 

If you have 8 hours… and a lot of papers to write, visit your favorite study spot in Falvey. The semester is coming to a close and though it may not seem like it now, you may miss grabbing a coffee from Holy Grounds and having a productive study session this summer!

Jenna Renaud is a graduate assistant in Falvey Memorial Library and a graduate student in the Communication Department.


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Peek at the Week: April 25

By Jenna Renaud


Word of the Week: Nudiustertian  

(adj) of or relating to the day before yesterday 

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself “Why wouldn’t I just say the day before yesterday or the name of the day?” And that’s a valid point. But if you want to impress your friends and family with your extensive vocabulary, throw nudiustertian into conversation.  

For example, “I really should have done more studying nudiustertian morning for my upcoming finals.”  

This Week at Falvey  

NOW–Wednesday, June 15 

“That Fairyland of Ice”: Polar Exploration in Mind and Memory Exhibit | Falvey First Floor & Virtual | Free & Open to the Public 

Monday, April 25 

Russia’s War on Ukraine: Historical Turning Points | 6–7 p.m. | Virtual | Register Here 

Wednesday, April 27   

2022 Falvey Forum Workshop Series: Bringing Historical Maps into GIS | 12–1 p.m. | Virtual | Register Here 

Thursday, April 28

Alfred F. Mannella and Rose T. Lauria-Mannella Endowed Distinguished Speak Series Lecture Featuring Poet Maria Famà | 2:30–3:45 p.m. | Register Here 

Friday, April 29

Falvey Library’s Semi-Annual Stress Busting Open House: Make Finals a Grand Slam | 11 a.m.–1 p.m. | Free & Open to all Villanova Students 

This Week in History 

April 29th, 2004– World War II monument opens in Washington D.C. 

18 years ago today the World War II monument opened in Washington D.C. providing recognition of the 16 million U.S. men and women who served in the war.  

The monument was formally dedicated by US President George W. Bush, although the memorial was inspired decades earlier by veteran Roger Durbin. Durbin served under Gen. George S. Patton and in February 1987 he asked US Rep Marcy Kaptur why there was no memorial on the National Mall to honor World War II veterans. Kaptur then introduced legislation to build one, initiating the 17-year journey until it opened.  

The World War II monument is my favorite memorial in Washington D.C. In high school, I spent part of one summer exploring Washington D.C. and taking a writing seminar. As part of the seminar, we had to choose a monument to visit, reflect on, and then write about. I have always taken an interest in World War II, in part due to my Jewish heritage and the atrocities my Great Aunt lived through as a young girl in Romania during the Holocaust. When it came time to choose a monument, I was immediately drawn to the World War II monument.  

What has always struck me about the World War II monument is all the symbolism and how each detail and piece represented something about the war and the many lives lost. From representing the war in Europe to the war in the Pacific to the hundreds of thousands of American lives lost, the monument produces a sobering effect. Read this article from the National Park Service talking about the various aspects of the monument to learn more. 

Read more about the monument’s opening from 

Jenna Renaud is a graduate assistant in Falvey Memorial Library and a graduate student in the Communication Department.


Cat in the Stax: A Brief History of Play-Doh

By Ethan Shea

"Play-Doh Event Pic"

Photo of Play-Doh used at Falvey’s stressbuster event

To call attention to the Play-Doh/The Shining-themed stressbuster taking place at Falvey today (hence the revised logos in the above photo), I want to use this week’s “Cat in the Stax” to talk about everyone’s favorite toy!

Play-Doh officially became available to the public in 1956, but the product has an even longer history. Joseph McVicker was born in 1930 into a family business called Kutol Products, which made various cleaning supplies. He would eventually use his position in the company to create the world-famous “Doh.”

After attending Brown University, McVicker developed a putty-like product called Kutol Wall Cleaner. He soon realized the full potential of the clay and altered it to be fit for children. Before long, the putty became a hit with families nationally, and the wall cleaner came to be known as Play-Doh.

However, the beginnings of Play-Doh were not as extravagant as one may think. In fact, before 1957, Play-Doh was only available in white, so to make the toy more fun, McVicker eventually added colors. The first Play-Doh colors were red, blue, and yellow.

"Play-Doh Pioneer Book Cover"After the expenses of the initial release, McVicker did not have any money left to advertise the toy. To solve his marketing issue, he walked onto the set of Captain Kangaroo, the most popular children’s show at the time, and showed off his product. Everyone on set loved it and decided to use Play-Doh on the show. The exposure from Captain Kangaroo caused sales to spike, and McVicker became a millionaire in less than a year.

All this information has been pulled from a biography on Joseph McVicker called Play-Doh Pioneer: Joseph McVicker, which is available online at Falvey.

If you’d like to get some Play-Doh for yourself, be sure to attend the stressbuster on the first floor of Falvey Library from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today, Feb. 23!

Headshot of Ethan SheaEthan Shea is a first-year English Graduate Student and Graduate Assistant at Falvey Memorial Library.



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Photo Friday: Master Your Midterm Stress

Library staff greet students in front of the library at Falvey's pop-up stressbusting event.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Proctor, Communication and Marketing Program Manager.

Falvey Library staff hosted a pop-up midterm stressbuster on Tuesday, Oct. 5. Students were treated to some fun snacks, feel-good music, and helpful Library essentials. Have a great fall break, Wildcats!

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library.






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