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Foto Friday: You’re One Smart Cookie!

You’re one smart cookie!

Thanks for stopping by our midterm stress buster, Wildcats. Have a safe and relaxing spring break.

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Library. Photos courtesy of Ethan Shea, Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.





Cat in the Stax: Your Spring Break To-Do List

By Ethan Shea

Tackling your to-do list isn’t always the most enjoyable task. During most weeks, to-do lists consist of monotonous chores. Doing dishes, folding laundry, and going grocery shopping aren’t my favorite things to do either, but I think it’s important that we make time to de-stress during break, so make sure you include something fun on your to-do list this week!

Something other than chores that’s accessible and easy to do is catch up on some television. Luckily, a lot of binge-worthy shows have been released as of late, so we have our work cut out for us! On that note, here are a few shows everyone is talking about.

"Euphoria cover"Euphoria

One of the most popular shows out right now is Euphoria. The finale of its second season just recently aired on Feb. 27, and because there are only eight episodes in each season, catching up on this series is not a monumental task. Although Euphoria is technically a teen drama, it is only for mature audiences. There are some very explicit, intense, and potentially triggering scenes, but if you are comfortable with the content, the experience is unique and unforgettable. Euphoria is available to watch on HBO Max.



"The Book of Boba Fett Poster"The Book of Boba Fett

This series is a spin-off of The Mandalorian series. Taking place after the events of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, this show focuses on Boba Fett and Fennec Shand’s new status as leaders on the planet Tatooine, as they had recently dethroned Jabba the Hutt. Its first season is only seven episodes long, and the finale was released on Feb. 7. Watching The Mandalorian before you tackle this show is not necessarily required, but it’s definitely recommended. (The same goes for just about every film in the Star Wars franchise.) If you decide to brush up on your Star Wars lore, the films are available at Falvey library. The season finale of The Book of Boba Fett was the most watched of any Disney+ series, and it is available to watch exclusively on Disney+.


"Peacemaker Poster"Peacemaker

The eighth episode and season finale of the first season of Peacemaker was released on Feb. 17, so it is still a very new series. This show takes place after the events of the most recent Suicide Squad film and unsurprisingly focuses on the DC Comics character, Peacemaker. John Cena plays the title role, which arguably makes the show worth checking out on its own. Having the lead character of the show be a disreputable guy to say the least sets the series apart from more traditional superhero shows. Peacemaker is also available to watch on HBO Max.


Headshot of Ethan SheaEthan Shea is a first-year English Graduate Student and Graduate Assistant at Falvey Memorial Library.


Photo Friday: Icy Mornings

Earth has not anything to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty:
This City now doth, like a garment, wear
The beauty of the morning …

Wm. Wordsworth (1770-1850)

If you were lucky enough to be on campus this morning, you would have seen thick, magical ice, worn like a winter coat on every branch and shrub. When students return to campus on March 7 after Spring Break, morning scenes like this may be rare until next winter, so enjoy it while you may. 

Photo by Joanne Quinn. 


2022 Spring Break Service Hours

Image of Falvey Library building. Falvey Memorial Library Service Desk Hours: Spring Break 2022

Saturday, Feb. 26: 12—5 p.m. (book stacks close at 4:30 p.m.)

Sunday, Feb. 27: Service desk and book stacks closed.

Monday, Feb. 28 through Friday, March 4: 9 a.m.—5 p.m. (book stacks close at 4:30 p.m.)

Saturday, March 5: Service desk and book stacks closed.

Sunday, March 6: 12 p.m.—8 p.m. (book stacks close at 7:30 p.m.)

Semester hours resume on Monday, March 7.

Villanova students, faculty, and staff may enter the Library building 24/7 with a valid Wildcard. Library services are available to the University community during posted service hours. Electronic collections (articles, e-books, and more!) are accessible through the Library’s website 24/7. For a full listing of service hours, visit our website.

Have a relaxing and safe break, Wildcats!

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library. Her spring break reading recommendation is The Tradition by Jericho Brown. 


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Spring Break Service Hours

Spring flowers in bloom on Villanova's campus.

Saturday, February 29:

12—5 p.m. (front doors and book stacks close at 4:30 p.m.)

Sunday, March 1: CLOSED 

Monday, March 2—Friday, March 6:

9 a.m.—5 p.m. (front doors and book stacks close at 4:30 p.m.)

Saturday, March 7: CLOSED 

Sunday, March 8: 12 p.m.—12 a.m.

(front doors lock at 8 pm, books stacks close at 11:30 p.m.)

Semester hours resume Monday, March 9, 8 a.m.—12 a.m.

24/7 access will remain available for valid Wildcard holders.



Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library.





What are you watching during spring break?

By Daniella Snyder

I’m Daniella Snyder, a graduate student at Villanova University, and your ‘Cat in Falvey Library’s Stacks. I’ll be posting about academics– from research to study habits and everything in between– and how the Falvey Library can play a large role in your success here on campus!

Hey Wildcats! Happy midterms!

Okay, I know midterms isn’t a happy time. In reality, it’s only stressful..long nights in Falvey, countless cups of coffee, and little sleep…I know how it goes.

Usually, I offer advice during this week. I tell you ways to reduce stress, how to increase productivity, where to study, etc.

However, I’m getting through midterms by thinking ahead: spring break is right around the corner! Instead of sinking into the stress, I’m leaning into the upcoming excitement that comes with a week off! What am I going to read for fun? What am I going to binge watch? I’ve been making a list, and I’m looking forward to resting, relaxing, and recharging for the final half of the semester.

So, that’s my advice this week! Make a list of the things you’re looking forward to! Here’s a list of some of the shows on my “To Watch Over Break” list.

Emma. advertisement image


First on my watch list is Emma., which just hit theaters this past week. Autumn de Wilde directed the newest adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic 1815 novel of the same title. According to TIME Magazine, Emma. “feels both modern and authentic in the best way.”

“Rendered in sugar-almond tones of blush pink, daffodil yellow and ice blue by cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt, production designer Kave Quinn, and costume designer Alexandra Byrne, Emma. is as confident and gorgeous to look at as a tower of exquisitely rendered petit fours” (TIME).

If you’re interested in learning how the new movie departs from the novel, check out this article from Slate. If you want to check out a copy of the book to take home, check out our collection.

the good lord bird teaser image

The Good Lord Bird

Based on the 2013 novel by James McBride, The Good Lord Bird can be streamed on Showtime starting this week. McBride’s novel won the National Book Award for Fiction in 2013.

The novel follows the found memoirs of slave Henry Shackleford writing about his union with abolitionist John Brown. Brown, mistaking Shackleford for a woman, gives him a dress to wear, and the two join together. Shackleford narrates his encounters with Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, as well as Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry.

High Fidelity

The new Hulu television show starring Zoë Kravitz is based off the 1995 novel of the same title by Nick Hornby. This isn’t the first adaptation of the novel, however; the novel was adapted into a feature film in 2000 and a Broadway musical in 2006.

The novel follows Rob Fleming, a London record store owner whose girlfriend Laura has just left him. After recalling his five most memorable breakups, Rob gets in touch with those former girlfriends. In the new (and in my opinion, more interesting) Hulu adaptation, we follow Kravitz, who plays the heartbroken record shop owner Rob, as she tracks down her exes, both men and women.


What are you looking forward to reading and/or watching during spring break? Tell us on Instagram (@villanovalibrary) or Twitter (@FalveyLibrary)!

Daniella Snyder HeadshotDaniella Snyder is a graduate assistant in the Communication and Marketing office at Falvey, and a graduate student in the English department.



Last Modified: February 26, 2020

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