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A Short Search of Nearly Everything

The Library’s search bar enables patrons to search and browse Falvey Memorial Library’s collection of books, journals, audio/video materials, electronic resources…almost anything. Input a term (in this case, Augustine) and the search results provide, from left to right,

  • a list of relevant books and media; articles from academic publications;
  • the related subject librarian;
  • library website results, including entries from the blog; and
  • items available by request from other libraries.

This is useful for kicking off research for a class paper, almost asking “What resources and information are available?” It’s essential for finding the articles and librarian that can take your initial idea and shape it into a strong thesis. It’s ideal for double-checking your sources when you have that late night anxious worry that maybe, just maybe there was another article that would help put the finishing touches on your work.

In short, it’s the beginning of your success story at Villanova. What term will you type in to begin yours?


screen capture of the website search function


Shawn Proctor, MFA, is communications and marketing program manager at Falvey Memorial Library.


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Last Modified: August 12, 2019

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