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Library 101: Falvey Acronyms You Need to Know

By Shawn Proctor

There’s so much lingo to learn at Villanova, especially for new students.

One example. If someone wants to meet you for lunch at The Oreo, Spit, or the Pit, for which one should you plan to bring along your food?

Answer: The Oreo. Despite its tasty-sounding name, the so-called Oreo is just nickname for “The Awakening” sculpture near the Connelly Center. It is so not edible.

At Falvey, we have some acronyms of our own. Don’t worry, they aren’t ones you have to memorize, since you can just stop back here anytime and get oriented to the Library’s services and resources.

RA Faire 2019

RAs pick out Falvey materials to display in the residence halls (2019).

Access Services

The friendly faces at the front desk and the hardworking people who handle borrowing and lending, equipment loans, interlibrary loan services (ILL) and EZ-Borrow collection maintenance, and course reserves so students can easily read, study, and succeed.

C&M (Communications & Marketing)

The team who handles library events, publications, signage, social media, and this very own news blog.

DCDE (Distinctive Collections & Digital Engagement)

This includes several important areas in the Library: Special Collections, University Archives, and Villanova’s Digital Library.

RSSE (Research Services & Scholarly Engagement)

Do you know your subject librarian? Have a question about research or how to navigate the resources on the Library’s website? Start here. Dedicated librarians will help you find what you need and more.


Two Library partners are located within the building: CASA (Center for Success and Achievement) on the second floor and IIE (Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) on the ground floor.

CASA aims to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented, first generation, and Pell Eligible students through holistic support in a culturally diverse and academically excellent environment.

IIE’s Idea Lab is a gathering space for individuals from all corners of campus to collaborate on innovative, creative, and cross-curricular projects.

Shawn Proctor Head shot



Shawn Proctor, MFA, is Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Library. He loves to share trivia about “The Awakening.”


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From the University Archives: Welcome to Class of 2026

From the University Archives: Welcome to Class of 2026

A Peek into First Year Orientation of the Past

New Student Orientation is designed to welcome and introduce students to what it means to be a Villanovan. During Orientation, first-year and transfer students participate in programs, presentations and activities designed to familiarize themselves with academic and cultural life at Villanova. In celebration of Villanova’s orientation tradition is photographs from orientation throughout the years.


From the Archives: Welcome to Villanova!

From the University Archives: Welcome to Villanova

A Peek into First Year Orientation

The next installment of the University Archives exploring past traditions of Villanova is how incoming first year students, or also known as Frosh or Yearlings, experienced their first days on campus in the first half of the twentieth century.

Freshman Orientation

Upon arrival incoming students were given logistical and academic information, housing details, class schedule, introductions to faculty and upperclassmen, religious registration, and introduction to student organizations. The first day also required a physical exam by a doctor. All of this would be guided by the Orientation Committee (White Cappers), who were the Sophomores.  The committee who would prepare incoming students with “regs” (dinks, ties, identification buttons, and handbook) and teach them the “Frosh rules and regulations” and the very important Hello Habit.

Much of orientation was like an initiation where cultural aspects to Villanova life were heavily indoctrinated and Freshman learned the college songs, yells, and rules. Orientation Committee reinforced etiquette and rules from day one. Frosh would be taught they would have to partake in trunk carrying (help move-in all students in their dorms), coal shoveling, gridiron marking, and stadium cleaning. Noted in the 1946 Belle Air yearbook, infractions would result in haircuts or being molasses and feathered.

Description of Etiquette Expectations

after we had a chance to become acclimated to the surroundings a series of impromptu meetings were held in the amphitheatre with the white cappers scolding yearlings...bellowing instructions to wear the regs...omit smoking cigarettes...learn the college cheers and songs...carry matches for the upperclassmen...get the "hello habit"...

keep coats buttoned and hands out of pockets...and above all stand erect while in the presence of upper classmen.

 Belle Air, 1937

First day of freshman year

First Day for Yearlings, Belle Air, 1943


Frosh being directed to jump

Frosh being directed to jump, Belle Air 1967

…and be sure to remember the “Hello Habit”Hello Habit Request for Freshmen

The Hello Habit was simply students saying hello to each other as they passed each other on campus. The gesture was serious business for upperclassmen as they would patrol the halls making sure Frosh did it as well as lament in The Owl and Villanovan for years how the time-honored tradition was at constant risk because of freshmen.








The Owl, 1931


It was later in the school year Freshmen got  “revenge” on the Sophomores during annual Frosh-Soph field day called “Muff Day” and annual Tug-O-War in the Spring.

Frosh-Soph game

tug of war

Belle Air, 1938


Many of the rituals, dress, initiations, and student hierarchies were abandoned by the late 1960s. Mostly because the university had become co-ed, the student body became more diverse, and the styles and trends of a college student focused more on individualism. In the 1980s, Villanova saw a significant cultural shift as orientation became more about preparing students for their college experience as a whole, including how to navigate the academic rigor and learn the support systems throughout campus.

For more images of campus life:



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Welcome, Wildcats! Check Out this Guide for an Overview of the Library’s Most Helpful Resources

welcome wildcats banner

Falvey Memorial Library welcomes all students, faculty, and staff to Villanova for the Fall 2020 semester! Whether you are a new or returning member of the Villanova Community, we want to highlight some library resources that you might find helpful if you are working on or off campus.

Latest COVID-19 Updates and Resources
First, we encourage you to stay up-to-date with Falvey offerings by consulting our COVID-19 Updates and Resources webpage. There you will find the most recent information about Library hours and services, access to collections, online resources, loans and borrowing, as well as other services.

Fall Semester Reopening and Frequently Asked Questions
Check out this page to learn about the Library’s reopening and for answers to some of the Library’s most frequently asked questions.

Searching the Library Catalog
Looking for a book, journal, or article? You can search the catalog on the Library’s homepage via the search box to look for books, journals, articles, guides. If Falvey doesn’t have what you are looking for, you can also request and borrow items from other libraries.

Contactless Pickup
We are now offering contactless pickup for Falvey library items for Villanova students, faculty, and staff. Contactless pickup will allow patrons to obtain Falvey items while maintaining safe social distancing practices. Items available for contactless pickup include books and DVDs from the main collection.

Scanning Services
Falvey is now offering scanning services. To request a scan from a physical item in Falvey’s collection, submit an ILLiad request. Visit this page for more info.

Research Help
Find a librarian who can help you based on the subject you are researching. You can set up a virtual consultation or live chat.

Library Services
There is much more to explore. Check out our services pages, which are tailored to help support your specific research needs—at every level and across all disciplines.

  • Undergraduate Student Services—Learn the library basics, get research help by finding your subject librarian, view our “How to” guides, get assistance on citing your sources, and much more through this page.
  • Graduate Student Services—Here you can discover basic information about the library, take advantage of our research and publishing services, and build your research skills.
  • Faculty Services—Do you want to request library research instruction for a class, request new library purchases, or place materials on digital course reserve? You can learn about that and so much more through this page.
  • Distance Learning Students—Browse this page to learn more about library basics such as our databases from A-Z, citation management tools, remote access, and other useful information.

Browsing the Digital Library
Villanova University’s Digital Library initiative assembles, presents, and preserves digital collections that support the teaching and research of the campus and the global community of scholars. Digital Library staff work with faculty, staff and regional partners to select and develop resources that enhance access for a wide range of disciplines and audiences. As an example, see the newly-launched website, Projecting the World: An Audio Tour of the John F. Smith, III and Susan B. Smith Antique Map Collection. It provides a virtual tour of the Smith Antique Map Collection, pairing digital images of maps and illustrations with audio commentary from their collector, Mr. Smith.

Digital Scholarship @ Falvey
Falvey Memorial Library’s Digital Scholarship Program supports faculty, students, and staff interested in applying digital methods and tools to their research and teaching. Digital scholarship encompasses a broad range of technologies and research areas, including but not limited to digital mapping (GIS), text and data mining, data visualization, virtual reality, 3D modeling, and digital publishing. The program will host (virtual) lectures on digital scholarship topics, partner on digital research projects, and provide a collaborative space for consultations and training in the future.

Learning Commons Offices & Building Partners
Visit our second floor to connect with some Villanova’s most essential support centers for students, Center for Access Success and Achievement (CASA); Center for Speaking and Presentation; Learners’ Studio; Learning Support Services (LSS); Mathematics Learning Resource Center (MLRC); Research Services; Writing Center.

Other Building Partners include the TechZone; Holy Grounds Café; Idea Lab; the Matthew J. Ryan Center; and the Villanova Immersive Studies Cave.

Need More Help? Just Ask Us!
If you have any questions about the using the library, just ask us! General library access questions can be directed to our Access Services Department staff at If you need research help, you can live chat with a librarian on Monday- Friday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm, email, or fill out this form.

Follow Falvey Library
Please see our blog articles to learn about Falvey Library’s upcoming events, news, activities, and resource highlights! You can follow us on social media by clicking on the buttons that are located at the bottom of the Library’s homepage.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and productive year at Villanova!

headshot picture of regina duffy

Gina Duffy is a Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Memorial Library.






#TBT: Falvey Friends are Here for You in Times of Stress

students posing with a dog from Pals for Life at a Library stress relief event


Sadly, the sun is setting on summer break. Students, faculty, and staff are making a mad dash to prepare for a lively campus once again. While students are busy packing for their return to Villanova, the new dorms on Lancaster Avenue are receiving finishing touches, and materials for campus orientation events are being prepared. It’s a lot to accomplish in a few short weeks!

To help ease stress in frantic times such as these, we are happy to feature a furry friend from Pals for Life in our weekly #TBT. This photo was taken in December of 2017 at the semi-annual Stress-Free Happy Healthy Hour event in collaboration with the Office of Health Promotion. Sometimes all you need is a good friend to remind you that everything is going to be OK.

Falvey is looking forward to having all of our “pals” return to campus soon!

Regina Duffy is communication and marketing program manager at Falvey Memorial Library. Golden retrievers are her form of stress relief.


#TBT: Dorm Days

Student in dorm room in 1991



As we inch closer to the start of a new academic year, Villanova is beginning to prepare for the busy days to come. Dorm days are on the horizon again as we approach Orientation and Move-In Day in August.  Enjoy this fun throwback to 1991, when corded phones were all the rage and the dorm room décor looked a tad different.

If you are looking for more flashback photos and information about the history of Villanova, check out the book Ever Ancient, Ever New: Villanova University 1842-1992. It’s available at Falvey’s reference desk for in-house viewing.

Photo credit: Alan Nyiri, 1991.



Regina Duffy is a communication and marketing program manager at Falvey Memorial Library.





Last Modified: July 11, 2019

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