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Publishing, Copyright, and Scholarship Series at Falvey Library

Join us for the Publishing, Copyright, and Scholarship Series! Check out the list of spring 2024 events below:

Publication for Students 

Considering publishing as an undergraduate? Join us on Wednesday, March 13, from 4-5 p.m. for a virtual workshop on how to navigate that process and why you might want to, along with some tips about copyright and authorship with Veritas as an example. This event, co-sponsored by Falvey Library and the Center for Research and Fellowships, is intended for undergraduate students. Co-hosted by Librarians Nancy Foasberg, Nicole Daly, and Gray Kidd, one of the Editors-in-Chief of Veritas.


But Is It Fair Use? A Copyright Discussion and Q&A 

Fair use is a very useful – but often confusing – exception to copyright. Join us on Wednesday, March 20, from 12-1 p.m. for a virtual Q&A discussion that will include an introduction to fair use, along with discussion of its history, hot topics in fair use, and most of all, your questions about fair use. Have a project or a use in mind? Bring your questions! This event, co-sponsored by Falvey Library and Villanova University General Counsel, is intended for undergraduate and graduate students. Panelists will be Laz Szabo and Mark Hewlett, Associate Generals Counsels, Villanova University; Michael Foight, Director of Distinctive Collections and Digital Engagement, and Librarian Nancy Foasberg. Hosted by Shawn Proctor.


Copyright and Your Thesis or Dissertation

This presentation will consider both sides of copyright: using copyrighted materials in your thesis or dissertation, and your (copy)rights as an author. This virtual workshop will take place on Wednesday, April 10, 12-1 p.m. This event, sponsored by Falvey Library, is part of the Publishing, Copyright, and Scholarship Series, is intended for graduate students. Co-hosted by Librarians Nancy Foasberg and Nicole Daly.



Learn How to Cut Costs on Class Materials @ Textbook Tuesday!


Textbook Tuesday poster


Have you felt overwhelmed by the cost of course materials and options for getting the books you need? You’re not alone. Join us virtually on Tuesday, May 30 from 6-7 p.m. to share tips with your peers and learn how Falvey Library can help. Nicole Daly, Social Sciences librarian, is hosting “Textbook Tuesday” to explore different ways to save money on class materials. Attendees will be able to use their newfound knowledge to check out options for sourcing their course materials with a librarian’s assistance.

This event is free and open to Villanova students, parents, faculty, and staff who are interested!




Nicole Daly Joins Research Services and Scholarly Engagement

Headshot of Nicole Daly, Social Science Librarian.

Nicole Daly, Social Science Librarian.

Nicole Daly joins Research Services and Scholarly Engagement as the Social Science Librarian. Research Services and Scholarly Engagement works to “support research, teaching, and learning at Villanova University; enabling the discovery of, access to, and stewardship of a vast array of scholarly resources.” You may have seen Daly at Falvey’s front desk; she joined the Library staff in 2021, working as the Service Desk Coordinator in Access Services.

Daly earned a BA in Psychology from Arcadia University, a MS in Psychology from Villanova University, and will complete her MLIS degree from San José State University this fall. She also earned an advanced certificate in Digital Assets with a focus in Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision Making from San José State University.

Daly’s first day as Social Science Librarian was Monday, July 11. She is liaison to the communication department, sociology and criminology department, and the College of Professional Studies. “Right now I’m working on collection development for those specific areas; anticipating their needs, making sure they are getting the resources they need from the Library,” said Daly. “When we get into the semester, I’ll be teaching information literacy courses, helping students to develop research skills. I’ll be creating subject guides so patrons can easily find resources, and I will be providing research assistance to those that may need help tracking down resources.”

Collaborating with the Villanova community is an essential part of Daly’s role. “All of it is very interconnected: As I build these relationships with students and faculty, I feel like those relationships will inform what is needed from the Library as far as collections.” Listening to various groups on campus will also assist Daly in ensuring Falvey’s collection reflects all voices. “Learning from the Villanova community, I will work to broaden Falvey’s collection; creating awareness and providing students with the information they need to expand their own knowledge and continue advocating for social change. Building an understanding of the current collection is essential moving forward; understanding if I need to provide context for specific content or edit material to reflect current language or provide content warnings. Thinking ahead but also addressing current material will be an important part of my role as liaison librarian.”

Transitioning from Service Desk Coordinator to Social Science Librarian, Daly feels her experience working in Access Services will help inform her new role. “In Access Services, we are the first to welcome Library patrons. Working with people and physically seeing and speaking with them, those experiences will inform how I approach my new role.” Working together with Falvey’s librarians, Daly was able to see what questions were frequently asked by community members when working at the front desk. She also worked in course reserves, assisting faculty and helping to send requests to Falvey’s librarians to see what items were needed for a particular course. “I’ve learned so much working in Access Services, specifically all of the different pieces (Interlibrary loan, course reserves, etc.) that people sometimes miss because they tend to be more behind the scenes. Having a vast knowledge of the innerworkings of an academic library is a valuable resource.”

A graduate of Villanova University, Daly wants students to know that Falvey librarians are here to help! “As someone who has gone to Villanova and lived that experience I remember thinking “Oh gosh, how do I conduct this research project?” She fondly remembers Falvey librarians coming to her undergraduate classes to provide helpful outreach. “We had wonderful librarians that came to our classes and gave very targeted help for specific projects. It was very enlightening, just showing us that they are available.” Acknowledging that the first year of college can be a challenge, Daly encourages students to reach out to her. “I can do so much more than just find a book. I can help students narrow down resources, determine which resources are valid, and find resources that may be unavailable at Falvey Memorial Library. I can help in so many different ways.”

If you happen to miss Daly at the many orientation fairs this fall, stop by the Library and say hello. She is also meeting students on Zoom. Daly’s office is located in the Learning Commons on the second floor of Falvey Memorial Library in room 225.

Telephone: 610-519-5207. 

Email: .

For more on Daly, check out her “Welcome to Falvey” blog here. Visit her webpage here.

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library.





Welcome To Falvey: Nicole Daly Joins Access Services

Photo of Nicole Daly, Service Desk Coordinator.

Nicole Daly, Service Desk Coordinator.

Nicole Daly recently joined Access Services as the Service Desk Coordinator. Supporting the University’s teaching, learning, and research goals, Access Services provides a number of services to patrons including access to and maintenance of Falvey’s collections, library information and assistance, support for library equipment and technologies, placement of selected print or scanned materials on Course Reserves and Blackboard, and delivery of materials that are requested through Interlibrary Loan or E-ZBorrow.

“Working in Access Services, you do a bit of everything” said Daly, who works alongside Michael Sgier, Service Desk Coordinator, supervising the service desk and the library’s student employees. “I also manage course reserves, so if there is a specific book or book chapter(s) that a professor would like their students to have access to, I work to ensure that resource is available at Falvey.”

Graduating with a BA in Psychology from Arcadia University, Daly earned a MS in Psychology from Villanova University. Her master’s thesis examined sex differences in susceptibility to stress-induced increases in binge drinking. Daly and her colleagues’ research “Brain 5-HT Deficiency Prevents Antidepressant-Like Effects of High-Fat-Diet and Blocks High-Fat-Diet-Induced GSK3β Phosphorylation in the Hippocampus” was published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience.

While attending Villanova, Daly a native of Bristol, Pa., worked at the Yardley branch of the Bucks County Free Library as a Customer Service Associate. During her academic journey at Villanova, Daly discovered another career path. “I had some wonderful professors at Villanova and they always wanted you to find your fit…your place in the field. Working in a library had always been a passion of mine, and I realized I wanted to pursue a Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLS).” Currently enrolled at San José State University, Daly plans to graduate with her MLS next year, also earning an advanced certificate in Digital Assets with a focus in Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision Making.

Knowing of Daly’s plans to work at an academic library, Abby Cengel, former Falvey Library Access and Collections Coordinator, urged her to apply for an opening at Falvey Library. “I worked with Abby at the Bucks County Free Library, and she urged me to apply for the position. Having worked at Villanova, Abby knew that it would be a great opportunity.”

Her transition from the lab to library provides her with the research background that will inform her future work as a social sciences librarian. “They do work really well together. Working in a library you are the information professional…working to connect and find resources for your community. I was already doing quite a bit of that as a researcher in the field.”

In her free time, Daly enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and baking. “I recently made a cookie dough cheesecake. I’m a big cookie person, so I frequently make a bunch of cookies recipes. I love baking these lemon ricotta cookies (that are supposed to have icing on them) but I always end up eating them before they can be frosted.”

Before the pandemic, Daly and her mother would frequent the cinema multiple times a month to keep up on new releases. Currently she is watching more television and recommends “The Witcher,” “Shadow and Bone,” and “A Discovery of Witches.” She recommends the book series for those screen adaptations as well.

Daly’s desk is located in Access Services on Falvey’s first floor (Email: Stop by and say hello if you see Daly at the service desk! “I loved Villanova while I was here and I’m happy to have this opportunity at Falvey Library.”

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library.




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Last Modified: September 30, 2021

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