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Venture Capital & Private Equity

What do VSB  job seekers, entrepreneurial engineers, and institutional advancement researchers have in common?   It’s no joke; they will all benefit handsomely by having access to Greyhouse’s Venture Capital & Private Equity.

This online directory of venture capital firms from around the world can be queried by fund size, average or minimum investment size, industry preferences, business stage, and  geographic reach.  The database includes links to venture- capital- firm websites, contact information, biographies of executives and past investment picks.

Venture Capital & Private Equity is available on the Databases A-Z list, and Company and Industry tabs in the Finance, Management and Marketing Subject Guides.


IMF Statistics Online

We had a couple hundred volumes of International Monetary Fund Statistics at the library.  They were shelved in various and sundry places because of Library of Congress classification conventions and space limitations at Falvey .  Even for librarians and researchers who routinely used IMF, BOP or DOT, or IFS or GFS, it was confusing.

Now we have the complete time series for all IMF data (International Financial Statistics, Balance of Payments, Government Finance Statistics and Direction of Trade) online.   Besides being much easier to find from the comfort of the library, your office or home, the native online version facilitates easy download and manipulation in Excel or several other statistical packages.   Visit the library catalog, economics subject page, finance subject page or Databases A-Z for access.


OECD Statistics, Books & Periodicals

source_oecd_factbookIf you came to love the free beta SourceOECD with it’s fabulous access to international statistics, books and reports and mourned it’s loss when free access was terminated, have we got good news for you!  Falvey Memorial Library has been able to subscribe to the full compliment of SourceOECD resources.

OECDStat (the statistical component) is an interactive database of comparable international data on everything from aid to welfare.  Both OECD and non-OECD country data are often included.  The time series data are customizable and downloadable to Excel or text files for statistical packages. This resource is ideal for students working on theses and faculty research with global comparative components.

Over two dozen periodicals published by the OECD are available in full text.  Many of these periodicals are indexed elsewhere in article databases such as EconLit, ABI Inform, and PAIS International.  The are also discoverable from our catalog or E-Journals by Title.

All of the books and working papers published by the OECD since 1998 are also included in our subscription.  Students of geography, public policy and economics will find a wealth of information and analysis here.  OECD country studies cover everything from taxation to social issues, technology and industry.  Stand alone comparitive studies on controversial topics such as health care delivery, migration policy, genetic testing, work and family life balance, educational finance policy, corporate social responsibility and urban redevelopment to name a few will be helpful for persuasive papers and presentations. The thousands of  OECD books included in the collection can not be found in our catalog, there are only available via the SourceOECD database.

We’re hoping that this resource will become a favorite for freshmen and seasoned researchers alike.  SourceOECD is available in it’s entirety via Databases A-Z, and select Subject pages.   Let us know what you think!


Statistical Lexis-Nexis Just Got Better

mortgage_interest.gifStatistical Lexis-Nexis has been a key resource for students in need of data.  It’s an incredibly powerful index to data generated by both public and private entities across a wide range of topics.  It’s the first place I recommend to students for collecting statistics on any topic beyond the scope of the usual.

A student writing a critical review of  Financial Shock:  a 360 Look at the Subprime Mortgage Implosion and How to Avoid the Next Financial Crisis wanted statatics on total mortgages to illustrate a point.  Statistical Lexis-Nexis Tables pointed to more then one source for relatively current data.  One limitation of the Tables is that they don’t alwasy cover the desired time period and aren’t easily manipulated.

That’s were our new subscription to Statistical Lexis Nexis  “Customized Data” fills the void.    This new module graphs, ranks and maps data that the user specifies by time period or geography.  Not as many statistical series are included in datasets, but the ones that are, are customizable!


ReferenceUSA Trial

When the renewals for Ward’s Business Directory and Hoover’s Handbooks of [Emerging, Private, World and American] Companies came around this Spring, I had to decline.   The print editions just aren’t getting enough usage to justify the price.  As a consequence, the library is looking to round out its online access to quality US and global business information. Let us know what you think of one of the top contenders, ReferenceUSA.

We have an extended trial to ReferenceUSA an outstanding source for US public and private businesses.  Their enhanced records are verified by phone and include credit score, proximate businesses, estimated sales and expenses and public filings.  OneSource, their global company directory, offers much, much, more then a online company database.  It supports ranking by sales, assets, employees and market value.  It has one of the easiest interfaces I’ve encountered for searching by SIC, NAIC or local controlled vocabulary.  And a feature, I’m sure students will love is the quick and simple aggregation of industry reports from Datamonitor, Business Monitor International, Freedonia, and STAT-USA all in one place.

You can access ReferenceUSA from the Marketing, Managment, Accounting and Finance pages in the Company and Industry Tabs.  Let me know what you think.


Moral Hazard & Maddoff….

“Moral hazard”, ponzi schemes, “nationalization” and “accountability” are among the catch phrases dominating the business headlines in this time of financial crisis. For a deeper understanding of the ethical dimensions of these concepts check out the Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society. You’ll find articles with bibliographies written by experts in the field placing these ideas and trends as well as historical issues in context.

Available online through the library catalog, E-Reference Resources Business & Economics and the Subject pages for business.


Bureau Van Dijk Trial

In an effort to address the ongoing globalization of the curriculum, the Bartley Business Information Team is pleased to bring you an extended trial of a compliment of Bureau Van Dijk databases.  BVD is a leader in global company information.  You and your students can test drive the following databases:  Bankscope (private and public  banks & financial institutions), ISIS (worldwide insurance companies) ORBIS (worldwide private companies) OSIRIS (worldwide quoted companies) and ZEPHYR (a five year archive of M&A, IPO and private equity deals both rumored and completed). 


BVD may be accessed either on or off campus from the Business Databases pages and Finance, Marketing, Management and Accounting Subject pages.  Once you have authenticated with your LDAP user name and password,  select Login to BVD products by using the drop down menu to choose a database.  You will be prompted for case sensitive user name and password: linda.hauck.


This trial compliments and in some cases goes well beyond our offerings included in MarketInsight (S&P), MarketLine(Datamonitor), Lexis-Nexis (Company Dossier), North American Financial Institutions Directory (Print Reference Collection) and SDC (M&A).   


For questions or comments contact or 494-685-6759.  The trial runs through the end of the Spring 2009 semester.




Access to Gartner Restored

Access to Gartner has been restored.  Gartner is a leading information technology research provider. Gartner offers market statistics and forecasts for hardware, software, communications, IT services and semiconductors. Additionally there are reports and case studies by IT topic and by industry.  Gartner is well know for their incisive analysis of key players positioning found in Magic Quadrants as well as their comprehensive and forwarding looking Marketscope reports.  Anyone serious about emerging trends in IT will find this an invaluable source.    This resource comes courtesy of UNIT with special thanks to Robin Allen for making it available.


ValueLine Historical Reports Added

Finding historical company betas has just gotten MUCH easier.   I’m pleased to report that we have ungraded to the Value Line plus edition.  The  plus edition includes historical company reports going back to 1997!  Falvey Memorial Library still has the microfiche that include company, industry and news going back to 1980.


New Resource: Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources

Somtimes the best research is never published, it resides within people and institutions.  The Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources is an aid to connecting to industry insiders.  It provides access to trade and professional associations as well as manuals, directories, encyclopedias, article databases and statistical databases.


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Last Modified: August 6, 2008