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Interview Prepping

Here are some helpful comments by Wesleyan’s Clarie Potter, who blogs as Tenured Radical at the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Receiving the call

Skype interviews

Prepping for the convention interview

Prepping for interview questions

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New Job List Link Posted

You will find an additional link to a listserv posting philosophy jobs in Europe posted under the tab “job lists.” Be sure to sign up for their emails or check regularly beyond the US hiring season, since hiring in Europe tends to have other cycles.


Job listings site

Another site where jobs are being posted: This one is run out of the UK and posts UK and North American jobs:


Writing dossier materials

Here are some helpful links to sites that give advice on how to write cover letters, how to prepare your teaching statement, and how to arrange your CV. These links will also be added permanently to the section “Advice.”

How to write a cover letter

How to write a teaching statement (which makes up the vital first part of the teaching dossier)

How to structure your CV


More Job Listing Sites

Here are some links to sites that list job ads (tt and post-docs) outside the US. These links will also appear permanently under “Job Lists.”

(1) Philosophy job ads with an emphasis on jobs outside the US

Emphasis on post-docs:
(a) UK:
(b) Australia:


Chronicle of Higher Ed

Another useful resource for job postings is


Phil Job Posting Page

A lot of philosophy jobs will be posted on in addition to or as an alternative to the APA jobs page. Make sure you check regularly!


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Last Modified: September 24, 2011