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Foto Friday: Where the Sidewalk Begins

photo of the Sel Silverstein book in front of construction on sidewalk

This fall semester, our students will have a lot of “new” to look forward to on Villanova’s campus, including beautiful new sidewalks between Falvey Library and Mendel Hall!


Shawn ProctorShawn Proctor, MFA, is communications and marketing program manager at Falvey Memorial Library. His favorite Shel Silverstein book is The Giving Tree, which he received as a Christmas gift in 1983.


FotoFriday: Transforming the Bard’s Work Into Art

Alice Dailey contemplates the art project that will transform Shakespeare books into art mourning the passing of time.

“As a scholar, I recognize the labor and time that goes into the composition of these #books. Each book is a unit of human time. I’m searching for a way to acknowledge what it means for that time to be over.”–Professor Alice Dailey, discussing her art project, which will transform nearly 500 deselected #shakespeare books into #art reflecting the passing of time

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#Fotofriday: Falvey Memorial Library is Where the Rainbow Ends

Rainbow Over Falvey Memorial Library

The sky over Falvey Memorial Library, as taken by Keith Mathews, Library student-worker.


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Last Modified: May 24, 2019

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