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Connelly Center 41 Years Young

40 41 Years of Connelly Center

Last year marked the 40th anniversary of the Connelly Center. Leading up to the anniversary Distinctive Collections was hard at work digitizing photographs of Connelly over the years. While COVID may have dashed in-person celebrations, the University Archives invites you to check out Connelly over the years and celebrate September 21st as the anniversary of the official dedication ceremony.

Connelly Center, March 26th 1979

Connelly Center, March 26th 1979







As the heart of campus, Connelly Center originally opened with a game room, music listening room, ice cream parlor, terrace for entertainment, and lounges. Some of the amenities and look haven’t changed.


More photographs of the early days of Connelly Center can be found in the digital library.

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#TBT: National Video Games Day

Throwback Thursday

Pick up them sticks! It’s National Video Games Day, not to be confused with the entirely different National Video Game Day celebrated on July 8th. This photo comes to you from the Villanova Yearbook of 1994, showing us what may be the best example of the division between those who play and those who do not. So, whether you play on mobile, console, or PC, take a moment to relax with a game, after you’re done your schoolwork, of course…

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