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Congratulations to Jee Davis, Outgoing Associate University Librarian for Collections & Stewardship

Photo of Jee Davis, courtesy of Rob LeBlanc, First Year Experience & Humanities Librarian.

Over the past four years, Jeehyun “Jee” Davis has made significant contributions to Falvey Memorial Library. She joined Collections and Stewardship in 2017 as Associate University Librarian for Collections and Stewardship and helped “build healthy and robust library collections through active conversations with campus communities and strong collaborations with internal and external partners.”

Davis recently accepted the position of University Librarian for the American University Library. The entire Falvey staff and University community wishes her well in her new role. Davis earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and English Literature from Mokpo National University, South Korea, and a Master of Science in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She recently earned a Master of Public Administration from Villanova University in May 2021. Before joining Falvey Library, Davis held positions in cataloging and metadata services at the University of Texas Libraries and the University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries.

As Associate University Librarian, Davis established the Collections Management Committee and coordinated the collections review project, working closely with subject librarians and Villanova faculty to “assess the quality and appropriateness of new and existing resources and collaborate in both the selection and deselection of those resources.” In addition to her contributions to the Library’s new strategic plan, Davis helped create the Affordable Materials Project (AMP), a university-wide collaboration between the bookstore, Falvey Library, CASA, and the Office of the Provost, to “provide faculty with resources and options for selecting high quality, affordable course materials and create student awareness of affordable options for obtaining course materials.” Whether working to replace Falvey’s integrated library system, or collaborating with colleagues to develop contactless services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Davis has aided in adopting Falvey’s collections to meeting the changing needs of the University community.

Reflecting on her tenure at Falvey and looking ahead to her new position, Davis shares what experiences may carry over in her new role:

“Working at Falvey in the last few years as the Associate University Library (AUL) for Collections and Stewardship has been tremendous and rewarding experience. This AUL position was new to the Library, and I had both great opportunities and challenges in building the division of Collections and Stewardship.

There are many initiatives and projects that I led and/or participated in during my tenure at Falvey. Particularly, I am very proud of my involvement in the creation of the Affordable Materials Project with various campus partners, the development and establishment of the Collection Management Committee, the collaborative Collection Review Project between Library staff and faculty, and the creation of various safe services at Falvey during the pandemic.

What I am most proud of and will miss enormously after leaving Villanova is the culture of Collections and Stewardship that I led to build. Transforming a work culture is not an easy task and it takes time and effort with perseverance and intentionality by a leader. It requires every member to be accountable for one’s own action and exhibit mutual respect and a sense of benefit of the doubt among colleagues. Falvey staff, particularly in Collections and Stewardship, have demonstrated consistent exemplary professionalism at work regardless of any challenging situations and have displayed altruistic and service-centered behavior at all times. I will remember and miss their collegiality and professionalism for many years to come.

All the accomplishments, trials and errors, and encouragement from colleagues at Falvey will be part of my leadership foundation at American University and help me continuously strive to be a better and ethical leader as the University Librarian.”

On behalf of Falvey Library, congratulations, Jee! We wish you all the best at American University!

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library.




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Last Modified: June 17, 2021

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