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Falvey Library Partners with the American Chemical Society to offer free open access to ACS journals

Falvey Library, as a member of the Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration & Innovation, has a new agreement with the American Chemical Society known as “Read + Publish” or a transformative agreement. As a result of this agreement, all Villanova researchers who have articles accepted by ACS journals have the option to make them open access at no charge. Prior to this agreement, Villanova authors who wanted ACS articles to be open access had to pay an article processing charge. Although authors without access to funds can apply for funding from Falvey’s Scholarly Open Access Reserve (SOAR) Fund, this fund is limited and awards a maximum of $2,000 per article.

Kelly D. Good, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was the first author to take advantage of this new agreement. She had previously been awarded partial funding through SOAR for this article. Dr. Good said, “While the SOAR program is certainly helpful, it required an application and follow up, whereas the deal with ACS made the process very easy and smooth…it almost seemed too good to be true! I didn’t need to plan ahead and “opt in” to open access–the deal with ACS meant my entire article was fully funded without me needing to go through any extra steps.”

Kevin Minbiole, PhD, Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Chemistry, and the second author accepted since this agreement was signed had this to say: “I am simply delighted that the Villanova library has teamed up with the American Chemical Society to allow faculty publications to be open access! We have already published two of our works in ACS journals so far this year on novel disinfectants, and the ability to reach much wider reading audiences is a huge help to my research program.”

Authors may make their articles open access through the normal publication procedure used by ACS. More details can be found at ACS Read + Publish Agreements – ACS Open Science.

Authors interested in funding for open access for non-ACS journals may apply to the SOAR fund: Questions regarding SOAR or journal selection may be addressed to Science and Engineering Librarian Alfred Fry.

Alfred Fry is Science and Engineering Librarian at Falvey Library.




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Last Modified: May 3, 2023

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