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Joanne QuinnJoanne Quinn, ’84 CLAS, ’15 MA, is Director of Communication and Marketing for Falvey Memorial Library, and a Wildcat from wa-a-y back. She also holds graduate certification in Strategic Advertising, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Leadership, both from Villanova. She hails from a family of Wildcats: with husband Jeff ’87 CLAS, and children Tracey ’12 CLAS, Molly ’12 CLAS, ’21 MA, and Conor ’18 VSB. Jesse, the family’s seven-year-old golden retriever, has yet to adequately pass PetSmart’s Puppy Training Basics, so he hasn’t applied to Villanova. A graphic artist by trade, Joanne designs the library’s posters, swag, and signage; directs the Library publications, including Mosaic, the Library’s magazine, and daily blog; and oversees the wonderfully talented C&M event and editorial crew.