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   Volume V, Issue 1
September 2008   

Falvey and Graphics Services Introduce Onsite Print Center

To facilitate students’ substantial printing needs, University Graphics Services and Falvey Memorial Library are offering students an additional printing facility -- the Falvey Print Center. The primary goal for launching a print center at the Library is to provide a printing facility specifically for students. Michael George, director of Graphics Services, says that “this new facility is an enhancement to the current printing service. The key to the success of this new operation is service and a focus on students.”

Students using this service can use their annual V-Print allowance for black and white single and double sided printing, which is similar to printing from the Library’s public printers. Print Center staff will take care of the printing, and the charge for the job will be deducted from the student’s V-Print account. In case of insufficient funds, money from a student’s Wildcard can be used.

Jessica Schwartz and Kiran Qureshi discuss Print Center services for students.
To get started, students can visit the iPrint web site and download the SurePDF driver onto their personal computers, although library computers are already equipped with this software. Students will then create a profile that will guide them through the printing process and also offer information on other services. Once this software has been installed, jobs can be sent to the Print Center anytime and from anywhere that students have web access. Print jobs can be picked up at the Print Center or at the library main desk during regular hours.

The Bartley Print Center will serve as a back up to this new facility. If necessary, jobs sent to the Falvey Print Center can be printed at Bartley. Although faculty and staff may use this new service, priority will be given to student requests. The Falvey Print Center is open daily Monday through Friday.

Additional information about the Center and the many other services offered can be obtained from Jessica Schwartz, by calling 610-519-4898 or by visiting the iPrint web site.

Contributed by Kiran Qureshi; photographed by Alice Bampton