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   Volume V, Issue 1
September 2008   
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The Essentials: Top Ten Things You Really Need to Know about Falvey
Connect to the information you need, regardless of format or location. We are committed to your success! > Full story
Falvey’s New Web Site and Catalog
New features include a Question Center where University members can post and answer questions. > Full story
Poems, Songs and Pictures from the Cuala Press
Blue Electrode: Jack Yeats' artistry featured in the collection's broadsides > Full story
Sample Some Contemporary Reimaginings of the Library
Director's Watch: All vital institutions require persistent imagination. Here are some compelling instances of library imagination, from the Dutch DOK to the Wayback Machine. > Full story
Ronald Hill Promotes Corporate Social Responsibility
A better world would promote “consumption adequacy,” providing greater opportunities for people of all nations. > Full story
Check Out a DVD or Videotape for the Weekend
From "Braveheart" to "Hogan's Heroes": Get your popcorn ready! > Full story
Falvey and Graphics Services Introduce Onsite Print Center
"The key to the success of this new operation is service and a focus on students.” > Full story
Of Faces and Places: Update
Presentations, publications, new positions, retirements > Full story
Student-centered Learning Space by Design: the new Griffin Room
For research instruction and computers for personal use, the new Griffin Room represents our renewed invitation to our students to evolve and grow and learn with us. > Full story
Peas, Bees, Gender and Blue Eyes
Falvey brings to the Mendel celebration a Special Collections display, “Mendel in Falvey,” which showcases, through manuscripts, significant journal articles and books, key writings on heredity. > Full story
Never Type a Bibliography Again! Introducing RefWorks
Q. What do the following documentation styles have in common: APA, MLA, Turabian and Chicago? A. Students find all those convoluted rules absolutely baffling. > Full story
Library Membership Free for Residents of Radnor and Lower Merion
Goodwill gesture to the University's neighbors > Full story
Photo Gallery: Meeting and Greeting
New faculty attend a breakfast reception. Library staff from St. Joe's, LaSalle and Villanova gather at Falvey. > Full story
African American studies, Full text dissertations, Foreign broadcasts (CIA) and Spanish language journals
Online access to the Oxford African American Studies Center, Dissertations & Theses Full Text, Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports and Fuente Académica > Full story
A New, Convenient Book Return
Avoid the turnstiles when returning books > Full story
Hundreds of Feature Films are Added to Falvey’s Collection
Upcoming Events in Falvey
Presidential Election series, Scholarship @ Villanova talks and Conscience of the Holocaust > Full story

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