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Falvey Memorial Library
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FotoFriday: Honoring One of Villanova’s Bravest

Photo of Bernie Mason

Happy Independence Weekend to Bernie Mason ’95 CLAS (he turned 99 years old in May) who served in World War II with the legendary Ghost Army before becoming a successful commercial artist!


Free #Falvs4Life phone wallpaper

Welcome back to campus, Nova Nation! We hope #NOVAREUNION19 brings you one nostalgic delight after another, and takes you back to your happy college days here at Villanova.

It sure looks different around here since your last visit, doesn’t it!?

Incidentally, the popular ‘Nova mantra “Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat” holds extra special dividends if you’re interested in continuing to use of all that Falvey Library has to offer. Just like during your college days, our resources can help you with your projects and research, professional development and career strategies, and of course, exploration of any subject or author that strikes your fancy!

As a Villanova alumnus, you’re entitled to apply for a courtesy membership, which allows borrowing privileges and onsite database access. That’s what we mean by #Falvs4life, NovaNation!

So get started now by visiting this link! And to serve as a lovely daily reminder, download our popular Starry, Starry Falvey wallpaper for your phone!



Foto Friday: Farewell to Stiles

Anne Stankiewicz ’19 struggles with the turnstiles at Falvey’s entrance.

Just imagine, you’re in a rush to print off a paper for your next class (that starts in nine minutes), so you dash to Falvey Memorial Library, a heavy book bag strewn across your back, Holy Grounds coffee in one hand and a stack of papers in the other.

Approaching the turnstiles your stomach drops as you realize your Wildcard is nowhere in sight. You drop everything and frantically search, all the while blocking the Library entrance in the process.

After minutes of foraging, and a flurry of agitated students squeezing by, you find your Wildcard. But after scanning your Wildcard and you’re met with resistance: You’ve scanned the wrong turnstile!


Finally, you enter the library…only to remember you forgot your coffee. Turning back around to retrieve your caffeinated beverage, you are shocked to realize that the guest entrance gate, adjacent to the turnstiles, was open the entire time!

Villanova students don’t have to imagine; this is a reality that many have encountered when trying to access the library. After today, however, the turnstiles will no longer stand between you and everything Falvey has to offer.

Stay tuned for more updates…and a party to celebrate the Library’s new welcoming look.

Kallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library, and this story may or may not have happened to her in real life. 


#Fotofriday: Falvey Memorial Library is Where the Rainbow Ends

Rainbow Over Falvey Memorial Library

The sky over Falvey Memorial Library, as taken by Keith Mathews, Library student-worker.


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Last Modified: May 24, 2019