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Credo Reference Trial Database, until April 30

Credo Reference contains the full text of hundreds of reference books, covering many major topics. It also includes audio pronunciation files and art, science and medical images, in addition to atlas images of places and geographic features throughout the world. The many related entries are pulled from the entire collection of reference works, not just from within the same source.

Try topics such as the brain, global warming or a notable person, such as Jean Piaget.  And let us know in the Comments what you think.

The trial ends April 30.

Submitted by Jacqueline Mirabile


Tax forms and information available online

Obtain tax forms and information from the following Web sites:



New Jersey:



Why is the Census important to universities?

census-bureauCensus data affect college tuition grant and loan programs.

Census data inform decisions about funding for critical services in your academic community, like transportation, public safety, medical care and road repairs.

Census data inform and support important research done by college faculty, students, librarians and community leaders.

Census data affect your voice in Congress, as well as the redistricting of state legislatures and local voting districts.

Census questionnaires are being delivered or mailed to residential addresses in March 2010. But parents should not include their children who live in on-campus housing. In April and May the Census Bureau will deliver individual census questionnaires to on-campus housing and will coordinate with Residence Life and Housing Staff to distribute and collect these questionnaires.


New psychology encyclopedia online

Falvey has acquired the 2010 online edition of The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology. The four-volume set covers articles from ABA and ABAB designs to Z-Score. This may be useful for background information on topics such as the brain, classroom behavior, coping behavior or positive psychology. The images may be enlarged by clicking on them. And the references at the end of an article often include sources published in the 2000s.   

(If you use an older browser, there may be a security message but just click ok and the message disappears.)


ALERT! For those who use the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

There are corrections already to the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The corrections may be found on the APA site 


PsycInfo with a New (inter)Face: Tips for Searching this Premier Psychology Resource

Yes, the first search screen to PsycInfo, the important psychology database, is definitely different from the version Falvey subscribed to last semester. Due to popular demand, we were able to switch vendors from OVID to CSA.

csa_logo_left1The CSA interface is familiar to many on campus who have used databases such as PAIS or Sociological Abstracts. In fact, you can search many of the CSA databases simultaneously, if you wish.

Access PsycInfo through the Databases A-Z list or via the Psychology Subject Guide.

To begin, enter your search terms at the initial search screen and then scroll down to limit your search in many ways, such as language, age ranges and methodology. And, as an extra plus, you can export your marked citations directly to RefWorks, according to the 6th edition of APA style. (more…)


See, Experience & Study Counseling Sessions

The Counseling and Therapy In Video database is now available. It is a searchable online collection of hours of video helpful for those in the fields of counseling, psychology, social work and psychotherapy. It includes counseling sessions and demonstrations which are produced specifically for educational training (actual, re-enacted, and scripted). The consultations and lectures by experts outline therapeutic approaches and issues affecting the mental health field. The teaching and discussion guides are downloadable. Among the different ways to search include client details such as age and gender, conditions and symptoms, therapeutic method and subjects such as divorce.

This guide to the database shows how to make clips on page 8 and how to create playlists on pages 9-10. Sample search topics are on page 13.



Last Modified: June 17, 2009

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