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Cat in the Stax: Horror Films for Fall Break

As Falvey’s Cat in the Stax, Rebecca writes articles covering a broad range of topics, from academics to hobbies to random events. All the while highlighting how Falvey Library can enhance your Villanova experience!

I hope you are enjoying your well-deserved break from classes! If you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself and you love spooky season, check out some of these horror movies. If you love a good scare, this list is for you!


Photo by Michael Tackette from New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.

The Conjuring

A family moves into a new home and quickly realize there is something off with the house. Strange sounds, unexplained occurrences, terrifying visions torment the family and lead them to reach out to paranormal experts in the hopes of expelling the spirit haunting their home.



Theatrical Poster from Universal Pictures



A woman named Adelaide goes on vacation with her family. What should have been a time of fun and relaxation quickly takes a dark turn when the family is confronted by doppelgängers of themselves. Separated, the family work to survive the night and escape the doppelgängers hunting them.


Theatrical Poster from Woods Entertainment



On the anniversary of her mother’s death, a high school student named Sydney Prescott becomes the target of a costumed serial killer. As Sydney evades the attacks on her life, other people in her town are not so lucky.



Theatrical Poster by Haunted Movies





A couple moves into a new house with their three children. Their new home becomes a place of tragedy as one of their sons slips into a coma. The situation grows worse as creepy and unexplainable occurrences leave the family wondering if they are not the only ones inhabiting the house.






Rebecca AmrickRebecca Amrick is a first year graduate student in the English Department and a Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.




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