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TBT: National Good Neighbor Day

Try These: A kind thought, a kind word, a kind deed --Elbert Hubbard

Happy National Good Neighbor Day! Today’s TBT is a 1915 postcard with a few kind suggestions. 

Small acts of kindness bring us closer together and make everyone’s day! 

Here are just a couple small things you can do that mean so much: 

  1. Pick up any trash you see on the ground. 

  2. Write letters to your family just because. 

  3. Give someone a compliment. 

  4. Hold the door for someone.  

  5. Text your friends that you love them.  

  6. Pass along a good read or a good song. 

  7. Share a snack with a friend. 

  8. Let someone print before you. 

  9. Check up on an old friend 

  10. Stay smiling! 

Isabel Choi ’26, Communication & Marketing Student Assistant at Falvey Library.

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