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Announcing the 2023 Falvey Scholar Award Winners

Announcing the 2023 Falvey Scholar Award Winners:

Olivia Hall

Title: “Integration of Design and Interdisciplinarity in Engineering Education: Development and Assessment”

Faculty Mentor(s): Deeksha Seth, PhD, College of Engineering

Madeline Scolio

Title: “Modeling the Relationship Between Surface and Air Temperature and Implications for Urban Sustainability and Well-Being in Philadelphia”

Faculty Mentor(s): Peleg Kremer, PhD, Samer Abboud, PhD, Kabindra Shakya, PhD, Yimin Zhang, PhD, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Zachary Boyer

Title: “Synthesis and Evaluation of the Structure Activity Relationships of Antibacterial Functionalized Dihydropyrimidine Derivatives”

Faculty Mentor: Matthew O’Reilly, PhD, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Rohan Biscuitwala & Thomas Haas (Joint Project)

Title: “Savor the Flavor: The Mediating Role of Emotions on the Relationship Between Flavor and Behavior”

Faculty Mentor: Aronte Bennett, PhD, Villanova School of Business

Grace Lundell

Title: “War, What is it Good For?: The Effect of Military Conflicts on Trust in the EU”

Faculty Mentor: Deborah Seligsohn, PhD and Ryan Weldzius, PhD, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Becca Jacobson

Title: “Identifying Factors that Promote or Inhibit Disability-Related Discussion in Secondary English Language Arts Classrooms”

Faculty Mentor: Christa Bialka, PhD, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bronwyn Mogck

Title: “Body and Soul in Medicine”

Faculty Mentor: Helena Tomko, PhD and Angela DiBenedetto, PhD, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Join us on Friday, April 28, at 10 a.m., in Falvey Library’s Speakers’ Corner for the 2023 Falvey Scholars Research Presentation and Awards Ceremony. At the event, award recipients will give short presentations on the content and findings of the research involved in the writing of the thesis or in the creation of the project report. You can also view via livestream as well:

The Falvey Scholar award is an annual program established by Falvey Library to recognize outstanding undergraduate research. It is a collaborative initiative of the Library and the Center for Research and Fellowships. The winners of the Falvey Scholar award are selected from a pool of candidates that will be generated by applications submitted by a senior Villanova University student or a group of students working on a senior project together with the recommendation of the advisor to the senior thesis or capstone project completed for academic credit.

Digital copies of the winning papers are maintained in the Digital Library.




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