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Curious Cat: Your Dream Halftime Performance

By Anna Jankowski & Ethan Shea

"Curious Cat Banner"

Happy Thursday, Wildcats! The Curious Cat is back for another week of hard-hitting questions and impromptu interviews. This week’s installment is all about the weekend’s big game. The question is: “Who is your dream halftime performer?” We asked a handful of Falvey patrons to answer this question, and with the Grammy Awards fresh in everyone’s minds, we got some great responses!

"Curious Cat 2/9 Photo 1"

“Justin Bieber. No debate. And he’d probably have to come out with Khalid.”

— Sai Ramrajesh ’23

“I was actually gonna say Khalid too … but I’d also love to see Taylor Swift.”

— Andrew McSheffrey ’23

"Curious Cat 2/9 Photo 2"

“A Boogie.”

— Kirsten Damore ’23

“Miley Cyrus.”

— Madeline Hagan ’23

“Definitely Taylor Swift.”

— Grace Lairdieson ’23

"Curious Cat 2/9 Photo 3"

“The Eagles’ offensive line. Go Birds!”

— Matt Villanueva ’23 MA

Anna JankowskiAnna Jankowski ’23 CLAS is a Senior Communication Major from just outside Baltimore who ​​works as a Communication & Marketing Assistant in Falvey.






Headshot of Ethan Shea

Ethan Shea is a second-year graduate student in the English Department and Graduate Assistant at Falvey Library.



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