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Happy Cat Day, Will D. Cat!

  • Posted by: Shawn Proctor
  • Posted Date: October 29, 2021
  • Filed Under: Library News

By Shawn Proctor

While Villanova alumni treasure their pets, no matter whether they fly, run, or swim, there will always be a special place in their hearts for the University’s fun-loving mascot Will D. Cat.

He can often be seen pouncing around campus, cheering on the teams, and even riding a scooter. But with the help of the University Archives, we’ll take a spin back to mascots of yore and discover how this mascot earned his stripes (or dots, in some cases.)

Will D. Cat’s origin begins under a different name: Count Villan, a live “bobtail” variety of wildcat. Actually the second live wildcat mascot, Villan II (below, in 1945) was given the  nickname through a contest run by the Athletics Office. (See more photos here.)

Villanova Wildcat

Count Villan II takes in the campus sights in 1945.

Later in 1940s, the Will D. Cat you know and adore replaced the live wildcat and has thrilled home crowds and terrified opposing teams ever since. Here’s an early look as he poses alongside four dapper gents.

Villanova Wildcat


Will D. Cat in the smooth ’70s…

Villanova Wildcat

Villanova Wildcat

And rocking out in the 1980s…

Villanova Wildcat


In the 1990s, he went through a few revisions, beginning to resemble the modern day Will D. Cat.

Villanova Wildcat Villanova Wildcat  Villanova Wildcat Villanova Wildcat Villanova Wildcat

We hope you enjoyed this look back at Will D. Cat’s history and wish him the happiest of Cat Days! Can’t wait to give him a celebratory “high five!”

Villanova Wildcat

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