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eBook available: Boy Scouts at Sea

Another book from our Digital Library has been added to Project Gutenberg thanks to the efforts of the Distributed Proofreaders project: Boy Scouts at Sea, written by Arthur A. Carey and published in 1918.

The book, written by the founder of the real-life Sea Scouts, tells of the adventures of a crew of scouts who go to sea on a ship called the Bright Wing. They not only have some of the expected maritime adventures, like rescuing shipwreck survivors, but they also make some stops for land-based incidents, including fire-fighting and a baseball game.

Much of the text is devoted not just to the external struggles of the boys, but also to their inner lives; early in the story, the protagonists are impressed by the story of Tunis Craven‘s self-sacrifice, and significant space is devoted to describing how their personal perspectives change based on this tale and their subsequent experiences. This book is clearly intended to demonstrate the benefits of scouting, and the development of the characters is designed almost exclusively to underscore that point.

There are many novels about Boy Scouts of various types from this period of juvenile literature, and this one follows many of the subgenre’s conventions; however, due to its historically significant author and somewhat atypical maritime setting, this one holds a unique place in the literature.

If you would like to read the whole book, you can find it online (and available for download) at Project Gutenberg.



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