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Falvey Focuses on Scholarship: Jacqueline Thoet Examines the COVID-19 Lockdown Policies


Welcome to part 1 of a 7-part series featuring the 2021 Falvey Scholars. Read more about them every Monday and in the upcoming issue of Mosaic: the Library’s bi-annual publication.

Falvey Memorial Library is honored to announce the 2021 Falvey Scholar award winners. We will showcase the research of our eight young alumni on the blog and in the fall issue of Mosaic.

Sponsored by the Library and the Center for Research and Fellowships, the Falvey Scholars program recognizes outstanding undergraduate research at Villanova University. Award winners are selected from a pool of candidates generated by applications submitted by a senior Villanova University student or a group of students working on a senior project together with the recommendation of the advisor to the senior thesis or capstone project completed for academic credit.

View the 2021 Falvey Scholars Awards virtual booklet.

Researcher Brief

Falvey Scholar: Jacqueline Thoet 

Hometown: Sea Cliff, N.Y.

Project Title: “How Effective Were COVID-19 Lockdown Policies? Mobility Changes After Reopening Industries in Four States”

Faculty Mentor: Zeynep Yom, PhD, Assistant Professor

Learn about Jacqueline’s research in her own words:


Tell me about your Falvey Scholar Award-winning research project.

I am studying how effective state’s policies were at reducing mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am using the number of locations open to represent states’ policies in eight industries and focus on these industries in four states: New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Maryland. We track people’s mobility through their smartphones, using data from a company called SafeGraph that tracks people’s mobility and groups them by zip code.

How did Falvey Memorial Library support your research?

I could not have completed this research project without Falvey’s databases. They allowed me to filter my subject, which led me to economics journals that I had not heard of before. Falvey also gave me access to a variety of databases and articles that enriched my paper.  I also found Falvey’s How-To guides helpful to me as I completed my research project, especially the citation guide.

It was reassuring to know that there were librarians available at my disposal in case I ever had trouble finding or accessing documents or needed any questions answered about the materials I was collecting.

What impact did this project have on you?

The exciting thing about COVID-19, from a research perspective, is that it is so new, so there are so many different things to research, especially as more data becomes available in the coming months and years. I anticipate researching more about the public sector and public policy in my new role after graduation.

Tell me more about this new position and what’s next for you.

After graduation, I am moving to New York City to work as a Public Sector Consultant for Crowe LLC, a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm with offices around the world. Consultants spend a lot of time researching, so I think that this experience will translate well. In a few years, I plan to go to graduate school.


Shawn ProctorShawn Proctor, MFA, is Communications and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Memorial Library.






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