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DOUBLE Global Smackdown: Russia, the ICC, & Israel/Palestine

  • Posted by: Jenna Renaud
  • Posted Date: February 8, 2021
  • Filed Under: Library News

The snow last week threw us off our routine a bit of Global Smackdown Mondays, but now we are back! To kick-off the semester, we’re doing a DOUBLE Global Smackdown recap.

“Now this has sparked protests all over Russia, not just Moscow. This is something quite novel and we may be on the precipice of something new.”

Last week on the Global Smackdown, Dr. Tim Horner breaks down the new protests springing up across Russia, triggered by the return and arrest of Navalny to Russia. Horner emphasizes the rising social justice concerns in Russia and how young people are responding on modern social media platforms like TikTok. 

The whole Global Smackdown for Monday, Feb. 1, is available via Zoom here.

Where in the world are we?

map depicting Russia

“The International Criminal Court made a ruling this week that has rattled a lot of cages and is potentially a big move for the ICC.”

The ICC ruled, when looking at the conflict between Palestine and Israel, that if you call yourself a state and act like a state to the ICC, then they have territorial jurisdiction to treat you like a state. Horner goes on to discuss the United States concerns about this ruling, especially in regards to sovereignty. 

The whole Global Smackdown for Monday, Feb. 8, is available via Zoom here.

Where in the world are we?




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