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Content Roundup – Fourth Week – September 2020

Negative, Junior Week (Mother’s Day), 1947

This week we again offer newly digitized materials as well as additional content digitized in the spring! Especially noteworthy are digitized negatives from Junior Week, more Dime Novels and Story Paper issues, and issues of the Suburban (Wayne Times Edition) newspaper that first mention the impact of the Spanish Influenza from 1918 on the local community.

Dime Novel and Popular Literature


Cliquot / by Kate Lee Ferguson (from Petersons’ 25 Cent Series)

Hal on the skirmish line, or, Fighting for the queen of the Red Cross / by Douglas Wells

Starry Flag Weekly (19 issues added)


Selection, p. [1], The Boys’ world, v. 22, no. 6, February 10, 1923

Boys’ World (3 issues added)

Frank Reade, Jr.’s, new electric airship; or, The peculiar people of the plateau / by “Noname.”

Frank Reade Library (Frank T. Fries reprints – 3 issues added)

The New York Ledger, v. XIII, no. 42, December 26, 1857

New York Ledger (1 issue added)


Selection, p. [1], The Cleveland News, v. 76, no. 154, Thursday, June 28, 1917

The Cleveland News (2 issues added)

The Daily Evening Reporter, Friday, September 5, 1879, v. 4, Whole Number: 963

The Daily Evening Reporter (1 issue added)

Radnor Historical Society

The Suburban (Wayne Times Edition), (1918 completed: 19 issues added)

Of note: September 20 appears to have the first mention of Spanish influenza in “Here and Hereabouts” – “Several cases of Spanish influenza are reported in this section”
Article on last page of Friday, October 4 issue – states that the decision to close Radnor schools was made Tuesday night (Oct 1) and they hoped to re-open on Monday (Bwahaha!!)
But first major article on the front page is Oct 11 – Epidemic Influenza – with articles continuing to follow in that same space for next several weeks until November 1 (Influenza Ban Lifted).

Villanova Digital Collection

University Negatives

University Functions

Negative, Junior Week (Mother’s Day Program), 1952

Junior Week- annual event – 1947-1958 (61 negatives added)



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