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Announcing the 2020 Falvey Scholar Award Winners

Please join Falvey Memorial Library and the Center for Research and Fellowships (CRF) in congratulating the 2020 Falvey Scholar award winners: Lauren Garofalo, Samantha Sandler, Gabriella Bliss Giordano, Timothy A. Long, Josephine Papotto, Madison Puleo, and Brett Schratz.

Falvey Scholars is an annual program, presented by the Library and CRF in an effort to recognize outstanding undergraduate research at Villanova University. In order to qualify for the Falvey Scholars award, a senior student/group of senior students who are working on a capstone or research project must be nominated by a faculty advisor and then submit their own application for consideration. Award winners are chosen from a pool of candidates by a committee of representatives from Falvey and CRF.

While an in-person celebration of the award winners is typically held each April, due to COVID-19 and the physical campus closure, this year’s Falvey Scholars will be highlighted on the Library blog, where brief digital presentations by each scholar will be featured. Presentations will include an overview of winning projects and will emphasize the use of Falvey resources in the overall research process.

Please be sure to check out our blog as we head into senior week for brief video presentations by each of our scholars.

2020 Falvey Scholars Presentations:

Falvey Scholar: Lauren Garofalo and Samantha Sandler
Project Title: “Evaluation of a Snake Jaw Robot to Teach Integrated Biology, Mathematics, and Engineering”
Mentor: Dr. Deeksha Seth

Falvey Scholar: Gabriella Bliss Giordano
Project Title: “Spatial analysis of heavy metals in marsh soils and ribbed mussels (Geukensia demissa) from Plum Island Estuary, MA”
Mentor: Dr. Nathaniel Weston

Falvey Scholar: Timothy Andrew Long
Project Title: “Even the Mercy of the Lord Burns: Violence, Distortion, and Grace in Flannery O’Connor, Jacques Maritain, and Karl Barth”
Mentor: Dr. Helena Tomko

Falvey Scholar: Josephine Papotto
Project Title: “Temporal Variability and Spatial Controls on Sediment Chemistry in Three Puerto Rico Watersheds”
Mentor: Dr. Steven Goldsmith

Falvey Scholar: Madison A. Puleo
Project Title: “”An Interprofessional Mock Code-Care Transition-Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Patient- Missed, Omitted and Delayed (MOD) Medication Simulation Case Study”
Mentor: Professor Diane Ellis

Falvey Scholar: Brett Schratz
Project Title: “Rawls on “The Hard Question” for LGBTQ Rights: Are Religious Exemptions Just?”
Mentor: Dr. Sally Scholz

Digital copies of the winning papers will be available in Falvey’s Digital Library in a few weeks. A virtual celebration booklet in honor of the 2020 Falvey Scholars will also be released shortly.

Congratulations to these remarkable student scholars! Falvey Library is proud to be able to showcase your work and help pay tribute to your great accomplishments.


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Regina Duffy is a Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Memorial Library.






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