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Paws for a Break with Falvey Library: Virtual Pet Visit

Hey all you (wild) cats and kittens! Do finals and work have you feeling stressed? Take a break, press “paws,” and join us via Zoom for a virtual pet visit featuring some of Falvey Library’s furry friends. You’ll have a chance to meet Lemon, DeLune, Henrietta, Claude, and Jesse, on Tuesday, May 5, from 12-12:30 p.m. Join URL:(Villanova email required for entry).

Image of a miniature wirehaired dachshund.Lemon (with Caroline Sipio, Access and Collections Coordinator)

Lemon is a zesty miniature wirehaired dachshund! She is little and bright, loves to roll in the grass, and chase leaves as her mini beard rustles in the wind.






Image of a longhaired miniature English Cream dachshund. DeLune (with Caroline Sipio, Access and Collections Coordinator)

DeLune is a longhaired miniature English Cream dachshund. She likes to sunbathe, cuddle, and loves meeting new people and their dogs at the park. Don’t let her small size fool you—she is the life of the party!






Image of a tabby cat. Henrietta (with Deborah Bishov, Social Sciences and Instructional Design Librarian)

Henrietta is an eight year old tabby cat, rescued from Philly ACCT, who might be part dog. She’s an irrepressible ham who enjoys meeting new people, giving nose-butts, and flopping.






Image of a tabby cat. Claude (with Deborah Bishov, Social Sciences and Instructional Design Librarian)

Claude is a twelve year old tabby cat who’s a lovable curmudgeon. He interprets sneezes as conversation and enjoys squirrel-watching from the window.






Image of a Golden Retriever. Jesse (with Joanne Quinn, Director of Communication and Marketing)

Jesse is a 6 year old golden retrievera real floofer for sure. He heckin loves string cheese and leftover ham. All the hoomins in his family are Nova grads. Only teh cat is not a ‘Cat. If you have pizza crust, he will be your fren. [Translated into doggo lingo].







Attendees are free to bring their own pets, but please note that furry friends are not required—all are welcome to come check out the animals. Upon entering Zoom, attendees can choose whether to keep their microphones/audio on or off, depending on whether they would like to interact with the animals and attendees or simply observe. The event will be moderated by a library staff member, so please feel free to also use the chat feature to ask any questions if you do not want to unmute yourself.

Feeling the stress? Let us lend you a helping “paw”unwind and grab that extra boost you need to finish the semester strong! This event, sponsored by Falvey Memorial Library, is free and open to all Villanova students, faculty, and staff.

headshot picture of regina duffyKallie Stahl ’17 MA is Communication and Marketing Specialist at Falvey Memorial Library. Regina Duffy is Communication and Marketing Program Manager at Falvey Memorial Library.




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