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Content Roundup – First Week – July 2019

p. 24, selection,The Bummer boy, a “spoony” biography / By “That-brick.”

This week’s newly digitized offerings include a number of treasures to fill your early July days! Notable materials include: a dissected early map of Asia used as jigsaw puzzle, more issues of the Weekly Wayne Gazette from the Radnor Historical Society, more rare issues of storypapers including the Centennial Record and the Weekly Novelette, more Irish music from the Philadelphia Ceili Group, a political pamphlet satirizing the presidential hopeful Benjamin Butler, and the first song (sheet music) designed to altert the public of a kidnapped child!

Dime Novel and Popular Literature


Front cover, selection

Old Cap. Collier and the “speckled hands” conspiracy; or, The Mystery of the first night of the opera / by the author of “Old Cap. Collier.”


The Bummer boy a “spoony” biography / By “That-brick.”

Billy-boy : the kidnapped child / words by Sam Bullock; Music by W. E. “Paddy” Krepper


Centennial Record cover, 1876, about July 4th

The Centennial Record (3 issues added)

The Weekly novelette, v. III, no. 3, Saturday, April 3, 1858

Weekly Novelette (2 issues added)

Chicago Ledger (2 issues added)

Front cover, selection,The flag of our Union, v. IX, no. 11, Saturday, March 18, 1854

Flag of Our Union (2 issues added)

p. 197, selection, International Weekly Illustrated Ladies’ Journal, part 7, no. 13

International Weekly Illustrated Ladies’ Journal (1 issue added)

Philadelphia Ceili Group

1978 Fall Festival (2 files added)

Radnor Historical Society

Front cover, selection, Wayne Weekly Gazette, v. 1, no. 32, December 30, 1871

Weekly Wayne Gazette (23 issues added)

Rambles, Travels, and Maps

Map selections and Box

Dissected Map of Asia



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