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Welcome to Falvey: Shawn Proctor Joins Communication and Marketing

  • Posted by: Kallie Stahl
  • Posted Date: May 13, 2019
  • Filed Under: Library News

There’s a good chance you’re familiar with Falvey Library’s newest addition, Shawn Proctor, from his storytelling featured in the President’s Report and Villanova Magazine to his cheerful personality engaging with students, faculty, and staff to craft stories that reflect the Villanova University experience.

Last month, Proctor accepted the position of communication and marketing program manager, coming to Falvey Library from the Office of University Communication and Marketing at Villanova University, where he worked as a staff writer.

“I’ve always been passionate about profile-style pieces,” Proctor says. “One of my favorite features was the story of Luis Canales. I wanted to tell his story in a descriptive way, a narrative story in which readers were taking this journey along with him. The narrative is the heart of the story.”

Character portrait sketched by Proctor.

Born in Orlando, Florida, Proctor lived in many states throughout his childhood, moving to the Philadelphia area in 1986, attending Conestoga High School. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Kutztown University and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Rosemont College.

Familiar with the university before beginning his career at Villanova (his high school commencement was held in The Pavilion), Proctor is also no stranger to libraries. “My mom used to take me to all of the local bookstores and libraries. I would spend entire Saturdays reading old Dragon magazines and looking up reviews of music concerts before attending them,” he remembers.

Proctor was a frequent Falvey visitor as well, utilizing Interlibrary loan and renting books, DVDs, and graphic novels to share with his children. Constantly discovering and trying new things, he became interested in sharing stories that were happening at Falvey Library.

“Falvey is the engine that makes so many things on campus go. It houses so many different centers in which you can learn new skills or try new activities. I’m excited to explore, discover, then share these new experiences.”

In his free time, Proctor enjoys writing genre fiction. A member of the Codex writers’ group, he enjoys sharing his fantasy and science fiction pieces with other professional authors.

Character portrait sketched by Proctor.

Beyond that, he has more pastimes than he can recount.

“I have so many weird hobbies,” Proctor says. “Any hobby that you’ve done I’ve probably done or am interested in doing: Dungeons & Dragons, fantasy and science fiction, current TV shows, superhero movies, comics, and even basketball and sports—especially Villanova sports.”

Whether someone is passionate about D&D, Proctor hopes to hear from all members of the Villanova community. “I want to be approachable. I want to hear what people are thinking and talking about and, hopefully, dreaming about—their aspirations. Anything that can help define how Falvey Library functions for the students, faculty, staff, and you.”

Proctor’s office is located on the ground floor of Falvey, across from the Idea Accelerator. (610) 519-6997. Email:



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  1. Comment by Carol Brann — September 5, 2019 @ 9:04 AM

    An Asset to Villanova !!!!!!

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